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DH Skies
And the winners are...
Sun Feb 26, 2017 01:25

The Mirage Chamber was a great resource. Usually, it was used for learning but that wasn’t its only purpose… It was also the traditional reward for the winners of the House Cup. With the students using it for lessons, as well as having the MARS room to bend to their imaginations, Selina hoped that the shine hadn’t worn off the reward. She had thought long and hard about what to make it simulate - something fun, that might be beyond the powers of MARS, or best enjoyed as a group.

She had hit upon an idea which tied in nicely with the school’s event… A fun fair. There was everything one would expect, cotton candy and other food vendors, each character lovingly brought to life by the chamber, games where they could win prizes (which, sadly, would fade away the second they left the room, but they could win them for the fun of it), and rides galore. The best thing though was, because it was a simulation, everything was free. The students wouldn’t have to ration their galleons and make tough choices - they could go on whatever they wanted.

The day before the school fair, she assembled the members of the winning house.

“Congratulations, Aladren,” she smiled, “For all your hard work over the term. Your reward waits inside…”

OOC - sorry for this being posted so late. End of term coincided with a theatre show I'm in. This thread is open to F&F posts whilst that continues.

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