Tabitha Hawthorne
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Fri Oct 19, 2018 21:41

Tabitha was struggling with being back at Sonora more than she cared to admit. Her body hummed with energy and adrenaline that needed to be used, seeking a challenge to conquer. She could barely sit still at mealtimes and going into Labyrinth Gardens had become less and less helpful as she was starting to remember which path led where which took all the fun of discovery out of it. She needed something to do. She needed somewhere to put her energies that wouldn't require leaving the school. If she sat behind her desk without doing anything active for one more day, she felt sure that she would crack.

It was then that the Defence professor had remembered the Mirage Chamber.

She hadn't been inside it since coming to Sonora, only knowing about it from Selina who had shown her the place during the grand tour of the academy. Back then, Tabitha hadn't really thought about using it, barely even remembering its existence. Until now.

After gaining permission from Selina to use it for her own, individual purposes and with the caveat that she let someone know where she was, Tabitha spent time designing a program for the room that would hopefully cure her of her restlessness. She threw everything into it, all the creatures she'd faced, even random wizards that would duel her, set up several different natural environments and then set the whole thing to random. She wouldn't know what was coming which was a good thing. She needed to be kept on her toes. She needed to get back in touch with the side of her that lived for traveling, that lived for the unexpected. It wouldn't be exactly the same but she hoped that it would be close enough.

So, it was about an hour after lunch that Tabitha sent a letter to Mary with instructions that if she hadn't returned from the Chamber an hour before dinner, then the Potions professor was to come and find her. Then, dressed in a simple dark blue vest top, loose black pants and a pair of trainers, Tabitha entered the Chamber.

At first, stepping into the Chamber was disconcerting. Where it was still daylight on the other side of Tavarius Mims' portrait, inside the Chamber it was the middle of the night, a full moon high in the dark night sky and casting an ethereal silver glow over the forest landscape. Tabitha, prepared for the trial ahead, was already armed with her wand and muttered a quiet Lumos in order to create more light. It was a dense forest, it seemed and despite the glowing tip of her wand, she couldn't see very far into the trees that surrounded her. There were many things that could be lurking in the dark depths and Tabitha's mind was already making a list of potential creatures.

Graphorns, Thunderbirds, Acromantulas, Manticores, Quintapeds, several different types of dragon...

It wasn't lost on her that the creatures she'd thought of were some of the most dangerous creatures in existence. Plus, there was no telling if there were any 'dark wizards' lurking in the shadows, waiting to ambush her. Her tongue darted out to moisten her lips. Well, she had wanted a challenge.

She steeled herself and inhaled deeply and, after one more quick look around the clearing she was standing in, she started to walk into the surrounding forest.

    • What makes you stronger makes you dangerous.Mary Brooding, Sat Oct 20 00:51
      Mary wore black. Her cascading hair had been braided and twisted and wrapped into the nearest approximation of a bun that it could achieve. Her regularly ruffled dresses and layers had been traded... more
      • You're about to see just how dangerous...Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Oct 20 07:32
        Tabitha was surprised, automatically dropping into a crouch and pulling all her long limbs inwards and dropping her head down in order to shield it from the assault - it wouldn't do to get knocked... more
        • Finally!Mary Brooding, Sat Oct 20 10:15
          Mary laughed, a wild sound that bubbled from her lips as she dodged the first of Tabitha's responding spells and cast a few of her own back. She was excited for the opportunity to play with Tabitha... more
          • Are you playing tricks on me?Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Oct 20 10:51
            It wasn't the potion that affected Tabitha first but rather, the spell. It hit in her in the stomach while she'd been distracted with guarding her nose and mouth against the potion fumes. This, in... more
            • Me? Never!Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 24 22:49
              For a moment, Mary felt pretty clever. Her narrowed garments meant ducking out of the way of the first spell that Tabitha shot off at her fairly straightforward, particularly considering that Tabitha ... more
              • You'll tell me anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Oct 28 17:10
                Tabitha had made a mistake. The mistake being that she was becoming complacent and wasn't taking the duel too seriously. It was one thing to duel in the real world, when it was a matter of life or... more
                • Oh, you think so? Mary Brooding, Sun Nov 4 20:03
                  Mary gasped as the very real sharp of an arrow nicked her bicep. She'd done well to avoid the others but her stomach knotted when she heard her sleeve tear and looked down to find hot blood on her... more
                  • Oh, absolutely. Or I can always make you tell me.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 4 20:36
                    Tabitha was both confused and alarmed at the sudden appearance of a lot of things that definitely hadnít been programmed into the room - including the small rabbit that seemed intent on hopping... more
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