Tabitha Hawthorne
You're about to see just how dangerous...
Sat Oct 20, 2018 07:32

Tabitha was surprised, automatically dropping into a crouch and pulling all her long limbs inwards and dropping her head down in order to shield it from the assault - it wouldn't do to get knocked out. When the rain of sticks and leaves had finished, only a few bouncing harmlessly off her, Tabitha was about to stand up again when she felt a sharp piercing presence in her mind. Despite the intrusion, it was warm and familiar and Tabitha recognised it with both shock and confusion before forcefully throwing Mary out.

She stood up this time, wand pointed in what she thought was the right direction but without Lumos still lighting her way, everything was much too dark and Tabitha had to squint to even attempt to make anything out. Then, Mary's scream ripped through the silence of the forest. For a moment, a shot of panic went through her, wondering if Mary was in any kind of danger. Well, as much as one could be in when in the Mirage Chamber. Except the scream had been a powerful battle cry and had come from directly in front of her and then, suddenly, Tabitha was forced onto her weaker foot and into a defensive position as she protected herself from the spells that were coming her way.

For a moment, Tabitha's confusion overrode any thoughts to return the attacks that she was coming under as she tried to process exactly what was happening. She had briefly considered that Mary might be of the Chamber's creation but that was impossible as she hadn't been included in the creation of the room which, Tabitha thought in hindsight, was perhaps a bit foolish. Anybody could turn on you, anybody could attack. Even the people that you loved most and were supposed to love you in return. The point was, the Mary currently keeping Tabitha under fire was not a simulation. A simulation wouldn't force Tabitha to duck behind a particularly sturdy tree to buy a few moments of time to process.

That made her real.

Which only confused Tabitha further. What on earth had gripped Mary to come after Tabitha only a short while after the Defence professor had entered the Chamber? She didn't look like Mary. Not how Tabitha had come to recognise Mary, which was normally surrounded by large skirts and ruffles. No, this Mary was... Well... It was an unavoidable thought, really and Tabitha emerged from behind the tree to look again.

This Mary was sexy.

Also, apparently, very dangerous.

And very, very appealing.

And, as another spell just narrowly missed the side of Tabitha's face, currently attacking her, inciting her, forcing her into a wizard's duel.

Tabitha didn't know why but, by the same token, she wasn't going to let the many question nor Mary's delicious appearance distract her so thoroughly that she lost whatever challenge that it seemed the Potions mistress had taken upon herself to set. There was also the very exciting thrill that because Mary wasn't a creation of the Chamber that the risks were very much higher in that getting hurt was a very big factor. Though, instead of frightening Tabitha, this only served to stir up the adrenaline that was humming through her body. She had one final thought before she began to return the assault.

She just hoped Mary knew what she was letting herself in for.

Her features changed and arranged into a determined expression, though her lips twitched upwards in an excited but dangerous smirk. She defended herself expertly against Mary's next few spells by ducking, moving and casting protego before she saw an opening and took it, shooting off three offensive spells in return. If it was a duel Mary wanted, it was a duel Mary would get.

  • What makes you stronger makes you dangerous.Mary Brooding, Sat Oct 20 00:51
    Mary wore black. Her cascading hair had been braided and twisted and wrapped into the nearest approximation of a bun that it could achieve. Her regularly ruffled dresses and layers had been traded... more
    • You're about to see just how dangerous... — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Oct 20 07:32
      • Finally!Mary Brooding, Sat Oct 20 10:15
        Mary laughed, a wild sound that bubbled from her lips as she dodged the first of Tabitha's responding spells and cast a few of her own back. She was excited for the opportunity to play with Tabitha... more
        • Are you playing tricks on me?Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Oct 20 10:51
          It wasn't the potion that affected Tabitha first but rather, the spell. It hit in her in the stomach while she'd been distracted with guarding her nose and mouth against the potion fumes. This, in... more
          • Me? Never!Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 24 22:49
            For a moment, Mary felt pretty clever. Her narrowed garments meant ducking out of the way of the first spell that Tabitha shot off at her fairly straightforward, particularly considering that Tabitha ... more
            • You'll tell me anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Oct 28 17:10
              Tabitha had made a mistake. The mistake being that she was becoming complacent and wasn't taking the duel too seriously. It was one thing to duel in the real world, when it was a matter of life or... more
              • Oh, you think so? Mary Brooding, Sun Nov 4 20:03
                Mary gasped as the very real sharp of an arrow nicked her bicep. She'd done well to avoid the others but her stomach knotted when she heard her sleeve tear and looked down to find hot blood on her... more
                • Oh, absolutely. Or I can always make you tell me.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 4 20:36
                  Tabitha was both confused and alarmed at the sudden appearance of a lot of things that definitely hadnít been programmed into the room - including the small rabbit that seemed intent on hopping... more
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