Mary Brooding
Me? Never!
Wed Oct 24, 2018 22:49

For a moment, Mary felt pretty clever. Her narrowed garments meant ducking out of the way of the first spell that Tabitha shot off at her fairly straightforward, particularly considering that Tabitha was dazed and her aim was off. The next spell destroyed the tree closest and Mary just managed to get out of the way. She grimaced a bit at the explosion, grateful that any splinters she might receive were simply mirages.

She prepared to launch a response but saw that Tabitha was already ready to run before Mary had oriented herself. The Defense professor managed another spell in Mary's direction and she half-managed to dodge it. She was small, and getting around was usually an advantage in the world. However, Tabitha knew that and the spell was aimed lower than Mary expected, catching her in the arm as she moved. She was glad it wasn't her wand arm, although the spasms of tickling sensations traveled through her arm and into her torso anyway, so it might not have made much of a difference.

The effort it took to quiet her laughter was immense and beads of sweat burst onto her forehead before the spell subsided and she was ready to continue. Chuckles danced on her lips as she ran through the woods, taking a trajectory parallel to where she'd last seen Tabitha running. It seemed terribly unfair to be so giggly when she was trying so hard to be serious, but she supposed that was the risk one took when dueling a dueling master. Besides, she'd brought potions and she knew that wasn't entirely fair either.

However, while Tabitha certainly had the general dueling advantage, there were an assortment of potions-related charms she'd gotten good at and could use without much work. She took advantage of the first two that came to mind.

"Colloshoo," she muttered, casting a wide berth through a swatch of the forest. If it worked, Tabitha would find herself quite stuck there when she ran through, her shoes bound to the forest floor by the charm. Then, her trap set, Mary stopped running and took a deep breath, concentrating on her goal. She hadn't done the next charm she planned to use for more than a few gallons of water in a long time. She was confident though, and her eyes were hard when she opened them, concentrated. "Aguamenti," she said in a low voice, pouring her energy into it.

A swell of water erupted from her wand, steadily pushing through the forest until she had managed a significant flood. It was no Mississippi, but she certainly wouldn't want to take a swim in it. Mary held the spell for just a minute before ending the flow of magic and ducking beside a tree to watch and listen for any activity that would betray Tabitha's activities.

[OOC - I try not to assume what other authors do or don't know and since I know Tabitha's author is not from the United States, I wanted to say that the "Mississippi" is the largest river in the United States, measuring about 20-30 feet wide at its narrowest and over 11 miles (17.8 km) at its widest.]

  • Are you playing tricks on me?Tabitha Hawthorne, Sat Oct 20 10:51
    It wasn't the potion that affected Tabitha first but rather, the spell. It hit in her in the stomach while she'd been distracted with guarding her nose and mouth against the potion fumes. This, in... more
    • Me? Never! — Mary Brooding, Wed Oct 24 22:49
      • You'll tell me anything. Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Oct 28 17:10
        Tabitha had made a mistake. The mistake being that she was becoming complacent and wasn't taking the duel too seriously. It was one thing to duel in the real world, when it was a matter of life or... more
        • Oh, you think so? Mary Brooding, Sun Nov 4 20:03
          Mary gasped as the very real sharp of an arrow nicked her bicep. She'd done well to avoid the others but her stomach knotted when she heard her sleeve tear and looked down to find hot blood on her... more
          • Oh, absolutely. Or I can always make you tell me.Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 4 20:36
            Tabitha was both confused and alarmed at the sudden appearance of a lot of things that definitely hadnít been programmed into the room - including the small rabbit that seemed intent on hopping... more
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