Tabitha Hawthorne
Oh, absolutely. Or I can always make you tell me.
Sun Nov 4, 2018 20:36

Tabitha was both confused and alarmed at the sudden appearance of a lot of things that definitely hadn’t been programmed into the room - including the small rabbit that seemed intent on hopping around her feet. She’d nearly tripped over the blasted creature twice, losing sight of it in the dark forest. She knew it was Mary’s doing and it was clearly meant to serve as a distraction. While Tabitha knew this, She tried to make an effort not to step on any other woodland creatures that seemed to be multiplying by the second (and had she just spotted a teacup?). This, in turn, slowed her down and made her a very big target.

Then, it was like she’d gone deaf.

All noise in the forest had simply stopped. The rustle of the leaves in the trees, the crack of twigs underfoot, even the sound of Mary’s flowing river had all faded. To Tabitha, who had become accustomed to noise - both within the school and of her many times spent outdoors - this was an uncomfortable feeling. She relied on every single one of her sense and to lose one felt rather like losing a limb.

Which was why she was almost hit by Mary’s hex. She’d only just spotted the travelling light out the corner of her eye and managed to abruptly cast the Shield Charm. The spell collided and disappeared.

Tabitha was shocked, her eyes wide. If the spell had hit she would’ve, according to the traditional rules of a duel, lost. Mary would’ve beaten her.

She was breathing heavily, beads of sweat trailing over her face and several strands of her hair were stuck to her cheeks. She was pretty sure that various parts of her skin were smudged with dirt, marks of their duel. Her eyes roamed the area for a moment before zoning in on Mary.

Her lips, then, twitched upwards. Beautiful, wonderful Mary. Mary, who wasn’t afraid of a challenge nor of challenging Tabitha in return. While there was a part of Tabitha who felt disappointed that she could’ve and would’ve lost, there was another part of her who was proud of Mary. She didn’t back down. There was nothing Tabitha admired and respected more. If nothing else, their duel had made Tabitha love Mary all the more.

In official terms, Tabitha conceded the duel. She’d come into the Mirage Chamber looking to get rid of her pent up energy. Not only had that happened, she’d also been forced to think and use her mind. Both the Chamber and Mary had delivered.

Her eyes took in Mary’s face for a moment before falling to the cut on the woman’s arm. Tabitha didn’t apologise - she would never apologise for her actions in a duel. However, she did raise her wand and shot a small healing spell at the wound. Then, as was traditional at the end of a duel, she bowed to Mary, a smile dancing on her lips.

“Thank you.”

  • Oh, you think so? Mary Brooding, Sun Nov 4 20:03
    Mary gasped as the very real sharp of an arrow nicked her bicep. She'd done well to avoid the others but her stomach knotted when she heard her sleeve tear and looked down to find hot blood on her... more
    • Oh, absolutely. Or I can always make you tell me. — Tabitha Hawthorne, Sun Nov 4 20:36
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