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Nicoletta Dupree
Breathtaking creatures, really
Sat Aug 16, 2008 22:38 (XFF:

Nicoletta found it a little disappointing to have someone other than Professor Kijewski teaching Care of Magical Creatures, especially now that she was past the CATS level, but life went on, and regardless of who was teaching, she was determined to learn all that she could. She hadn’t paid nearly the attention that she should have in previous years. She did all right, but it wasn’t nearly up to her potential. Now, that she had figured out an idea of what she wanted to do, she was resolute in filling that potential.

Following into the Mirage Chamber, she wondered what they would be learning. They had been in here before for creatures that they couldn’t actually be around, and as the professor lectured, it was apparent that this would be no exception, but it didn’t make the material any less exciting. Her interest was completely perked on the thought of learning about dragons and she almost squealed in delight. She had seen models of some of the dragons. Even though, they were much smaller than the real thing, they demanded no less respect. She found them to be rather magnificent and couldn’t wait to begin viewing them here.

Unfortunately, they would only be learning about three at the moment, but on the bright side, it meant they could pay more attention to them, which she supposed was the idea. First up was the Opaleye. It was absolutely gorgeous with the way its scales appeared to sparkle. Right now, if she were a dragon, she would definitely pick that one. Next up was the Chinese Fireball, which she didn’t think was as beautiful, but the details about them were fascinating and she was surprised to learn about how tolerant they could be – towards dragons, not people. Then, they got to see the Romanian Longhorn. She frowned at the mention of it being endangered due to its horns. She understood the importance of using them as an ingredient in potions, but she also knew that due to the limited supply, it opened it up for the Black Market and she hated the idea of such amazing creatures being used that way.

When they were allowed to observe the rest of the exhibit, Nicoletta immediately gravitated towards the Opaleye. It wasn’t that she found the other two any less exciting, but she wanted to get a closer look at the first one that they were shown. On further inspection, she got a better look at the eyes. Not caring if anyone was around since she was mostly talking to herself, she breathed out, “Aren’t they simply amazing?” She couldn’t wait to tell Adam all about what they had learned today and she wished he could have seen them. Oh, well, talking his ear off would have to do.

It also made her think of Earl. She missed him since they didn’t really hang out anymore, which was probably for the best. Well, best in the short-term. She had wanted to give him a chance to deal with however he felt without making it harder. If he no longer thought of her as more than maybe they could be friends. Not to mention, if they were friends, maybe he would consider drawing the Opaleye dragon for her to hang up in her room since his drawings were amazing. Actually, maybe that would be a good way to talk to him again? She had meant it when she said that she wanted to be friends.

  • Lesson Two for Sixth and Seventh YearsProfessor Fawcett, Tue Aug 12 21:12
    After a quick look-around to make sure the tiny group of upperclassmen was still intact, John closed the room off and cleared his throat to get the group's attention. The room was fascinating, but... more
    • Puff the Magic Dragon?Earl Valentine, Mon Sep 1 16:15
      Dragons. Earl grinned enthusiastically. He was never one for animals. Sure, thy had their uses, and some were pretty cool, but he was in this class still only because it gave him interesting things... more
      • But we're not by the sea.Mia Kerova, Thu Sep 25 19:48
        Care of Magical Creatures was one of the few classes that didn't make Mia feel ill even at RATS level and this close to the dawning of those dreadful tests. It was a class she was taking as something ... more
        • We have magic. Anything is possible!Earl, Mon Oct 6 18:19
          Earl looked up, his hardened face relaxing into a chagrined smile. Mia had always been been nice to him and here he was taking all his frustrations out on other people. It didn't make him feel any... more
          • Then to the sea we go!Mia, Fri Oct 17 19:26
            "You can borrow my notes if you want," Mia offered. "This guy looks serious about all the tests and papers he mentioned so I just wrote down whatever he said in case it might be useful. I hope he's... more
    • Breathtaking creatures, really — Nicoletta Dupree, Sat Aug 16 22:38
      • They are quite lovely...and terrifyingBella Santoro, Sun Aug 17 21:01
        Bella was an animal lover. Anyone who knew her well enough knew that about her. Not that she actually had any animals. Her twin brothers had their puff skeins that they received back in their second... more
        • At least, it's an imageNicoletta, Mon Sep 1 17:01
          A voice nearby had Nicoletta turning her head to find out where it had come from since it was an apparent answer to her fairly rhetoric question. Turning her head slightly, she was a little stunned... more
          • An image is good, very good.Bella, Wed Sep 3 21:23
            Bella faced her body away from the dragon and gave her full attention to Nicoletta. "Quite possibly." Bella mumbled. Nicoletta was not the girl Bella remembered her to be. But then, Bella wasn't the... more
            • I tend to like themNic, Mon Sep 15 23:46
              “Um, yeah,” Nicoletta said, blushing slightly over the mention of cozy time with Adam. After midterm, she felt closer to him than ever before and felt that their relationship was on solid ground,... more
              • Most people do.Bella, Sun Sep 21 00:09
                Bella smiled coyly at Nicoletta when the girl replied with a blush. Bella's wording had only meant to imply that the two of them had spent time together, but the reaction seemed to suggest what... more
                • “Wow,” Nicoletta breathed softly. In terms of relationships, two years wasn’t much. Her parents had been together for a fair bit longer than that. But in terms of adolescent relationships, it was... more
    • Lost in thought.Dalila Bastet, Fri Aug 15 16:59
      As Dalila waited for the class to begin, she fiddled with the hem of her sleeve and wondered why she was even here. She had spent the last week or so, wondering a lot of things about herself. Most of ... more
      • I hope they're good thoughtsDillon Welsh, Sun Aug 17 21:02
        Considering the fact that Dillon planned on becoming a veterinarian after college, it was needless to say that he was quite excited to begin his last term of his Sonora career with Care of Magical... more
        • If they were I'd be flyingDalila, Mon Aug 18 15:34
          No? Dalila could've sworn she heard someone grumbling over the homework assignment. But then Dillon, continued his explanation and Dalila's frown of confusion turned into one of worry. For some... more
          • Without a broom?Dillon, Tue Aug 19 20:46
            Dillon had paused in his note taking once again when Dalila reacted to what he had informed her of. Although he could understand where she was coming from with the workload that they had been given,... more
            • Dalila was expecting more of a generic answer than time management. In her experience, most people answered with things like "I don't know" and "It's not that hard". So when Dillon said "Time... more
              • And a happy memory.Dillon, Fri Aug 22 21:43
                Dillon felt as though he had said something that most people wouldn’t usually say by the look on Dalila’s face. He knew he was pretty inept when it came to casual conversation and that his mouth may... more
                • But which to choose?Dalila, Sun Aug 24 21:21
                  "Yeah, I guess all this energy is useful for getting things done. I think it's the only reason I haven't collapsed from everything yet. Then again, things are bound to get worse as the year goes on.... more
                  • Do you have many?Dillon, Wed Sep 3 21:27
                    Dalila, although full of energy, also seemed to have this pessimistic side of her too. That surprised Dillon slightly. From everything he knew of the girl (granted, that wasn't much), he had always... more
                    • Plenty. Don't you?Dalila, Mon Sep 8 22:52
                      "Oh wow, cool," Dalila exclaimed. "My mom does, or did, research in astronomy. But the only charts she ever filled out were star charts," she gave Dillon a fleeting grin, but her mouth refused to... more
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