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Aiden O'Neil
Watching the stars (Tag Sutton)
Sun Mar 20, 2016 16:57

The last of the challenges had completed and even though Aiden tried his hardest, he knew that his team wasn’t likely to move up the ranks to a decent position just on the last challenge. Aiden wasn’t the competitive sort, so actually winning meant very little to him, but he was on the same team as Chaslyn and she had seemed very stressed about the whole thing. Aiden didn’t talk to her much not before, during, or after the challenges. She seemed nice and she was in the Archery club, but Aiden just never really had the opportunity to get to know her. The challenges were supposed to bring them together, but they were also so focused on what was going on that they had little time to chat. Even so, it had been obvious that Chaslyn was taking this all very hard. He felt bad that he couldn’t do better, but hoped she didn’t hate him for it. Theodore too, for that matter, he seemed equally unhappy with it all.

Aiden wanted to destress from all the pressure the year had given to him and he did it through the stars. Astronomy was one of Aiden’s favorite subjects. He liked to read books on them, listening to the stories of the stars that were passed down through ancient times. There was a calm beauty to them whenever he looked up at them at night and even though it was a bit frightening to know that it was vast and went on for eternity, there was comfort in knowing that they were always there too.

Whenever he felt stressed or lonely, Aiden would come to the Astronomy room to view the stars. It was no longer in use and never had been while he attended Sonora, but at some point along the way, the room had been used and it was still kept in immaculate state by the Prairie Elves. Aiden carried his book back that was filled with some of his Astronomy books and charts and left the Hall after eating a quick dinner. He followed the familiar path around the school to the Astronomy classroom, expecting to find it empty, he barged into the room without knocking. The only time he had ever known anyone to be in the classroom was when the science club was doing something that required the room. Knowing that the club wasn’t meeting, Aiden expected the room to be completely his. But it wasn’t.

The room was currently being occupied by a girl. After realizing his mistake Aiden noticed that it was one of the Nicholls twins. He only knew them by face from classes, so he wasn’t sure which one was currently in front of him. He never realized how many twins this school had until he was face to face with them. “Oh sorry, I thought the room was empty.” Aiden apologized, giving a grin to the younger girl. “Do you mind if I study the stars too?” He asked. He’d be disappointed if she said that she did mind, but he didn’t want to intrude on her if she were doing something personal and wanted to be alone.

    • Drawing the starsSutton Nicolls, Tue Mar 22 20:05
      The Astronomy tower was one of Sutton’s favorite places in the school, second only to the Gardens. She loved the Gardens, because one could get lost within themselves. Here, though, was the complete... more
      • Discussing the starsAiden, Tue Mar 29 19:11
        Aiden paused as she responded to him. He was not a bright person and often took things at face value. Did she really want him to leave? Did she really mind him being here? He could understand. Based... more
        • Analyzing the starsSutton, Fri Apr 8 22:33
          Sutton watched Aiden carefully as he took a seat. She picked up her drawing pad and put it in her lap. “Yeah. But if you know about Astronomy, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up.” Shifting, she sat... more
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