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Sutton Nicolls
Drawing the stars
Tue Mar 22, 2016 20:05

The Astronomy tower was one of Sutton’s favorite places in the school, second only to the Gardens. She loved the Gardens, because one could get lost within themselves. Here, though, was the complete opposite. Sutton gazed up at the night enchantment in amazement. It was so easy to go day to day, worrying about your problems, but here it made you realize just how small you were. She dropped her blanket on the floor and straightened it out with her foot before putting her pillow and bag down. She pulled out her drawing pad and got comfortable. She wasn’t really sure what she was drawing yet, but she let her hand go. A line here, a line there. Connect the dots. Soon, her work became a series of the sign constellations in the sky. Aries, Taurus, Gemini…

She was working on Cancer when the door suddenly swung open. Startled, Sutton jerked slightly and her drawing pad fell to the floor. Her blue eyes darted to the intruder. It was an older boy that she knew from classes, but had never actually worked with. Being slightly sarcastic, she said, “I mind terribly. There’s clearly not enough stars for both of us.” The corner of her lip twitched slightly upwards, showing that she wasn’t being unfriendly either.

Sitting up, the blonde twisted her legs under her. She pushed her hair, which was always a mess, out of her face so she could get a better view of him. “What’s your sign? Mine is Aries. You know, the Ram? The constellation looks like a V, but the ends are curled.” She made the motion with her hands, trying to demonstrate what she meant. She knew that there was a difference between Astrology and Astronomy, but there was also a correlation too. After all, it was believed that people had certain traits based on the stars and the constellations were actual star signs, solidified in Astronomy.

She thought that Aries was pretty accurate for her in some ways. She definitely had the independent trait, which might have made her seem unfriendly towards her roommates. Sutton wasn’t trying to be, but she was more comfortable doing her own thing. She didn’t have a strong need to find one person to be social with. Having acquaintances was enough for her. Though, that didn’t mean she didn’t have any friends at all. She was friends with a couple people at home, but that was mostly because they hung out in the skate park like she did.

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