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Discussing the stars
Tue Mar 29, 2016 19:11

Aiden paused as she responded to him. He was not a bright person and often took things at face value. Did she really want him to leave? Did she really mind him being here? He could understand. Based on the pad the fell to the floor, she was probably sketching or something and from Aiden could understand, most artist would rather be alone when they had inspiration than have an observer. Of course, Aiden was not an artist, so his interpretation could be incorrect or just a sweeping generalization of a group of people.

Her twitch of her lips advised him that she wasn’t serious and he relaxed a little. He was going to guess that this Nicholls twin was Sutton because that was Pecari one. Aislinn was Aladren, which Aiden assumed to mean less fun. That was also probably a sweeping generalization of a group of people. He knew this was very stupid to think since Lena was one of his best friends and he knew that she was not anything like he was currently believing that Aladrens were.

His belief in which twin this was was only solidified when she asked him what his sign was. He had heard about birth signs or year signs or whatever they were called. It was Astrology or something. If they had Divinations here, he was sure that it was something they would have learned about, along with reading tea leaves, and crystal balls. Aiden would find that all interesting, but he wasn’t one to just believe it to be true. He knew premonitions were true as many famous Seers foretold things, but that was about the only thing he believed to be true.

“I don’t really know any of that.” Aiden admitted, taking a seat at one of the telescopes so that he could seek out specific constellations that he wanted to see. “I only know the constellations and planets and things, but you’re talking the Astrology part of stars, right?” Aiden asked as he adjusted the lens. It was really a shame that this room no longer was used for lessons. Aiden would have loved to have Astronomy classes. His parents gave him all sorts of books on it and he had a wonderful telescope back home (his parents refused to allow him to bring it to school with him as they felt it could easily be broken), so he had some knowledge in the subject, but he wanted to learn more than just through books. It was probably the only Aladren thing in him.

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