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Analyzing the stars
Fri Apr 8, 2016 22:33

Sutton watched Aiden carefully as he took a seat. She picked up her drawing pad and put it in her lap. “Yeah. But if you know about Astronomy, it shouldn’t be too hard to pick up.” Shifting, she sat up and moved to where he was. She set her drawing pad down so that he could see what she had drawn. “So, in Astronomy, you know that certain constellations appear at specific times of the year. The astrological signs are based on those constellations. A long time ago, the constellations matched up to the star signs. So, like when I was born, the Ram constellation should have been shining bright in the sky. But they don’t line up anymore.”

She touched the telescope lightly so as not to move it, but she couldn’t help to do so. She wasn’t good at staying still. “Which one is brightest right now? If it was going by Astrology, it should be Cancer, but it isn’t going to be. I guess that’s why they really started branching away from each other. Plus, Astronomy is more of a science. I guess with the rotation of the planets and such. Astrology got more into fortune telling. I don’t think it really can. If it could, then wouldn’t everyone that had the same sign have the same fortune?” She always thought that was weird. Or there would just be general interpretations like the month would bring about great fortune. That could be spun a number of ways. If one won money, they would take it to be the fortune. Or if something good happen, then that was good fortune. She just didn’t think counting on astrology for fortune telling was a good idea.

“I don’t think astrology really can predict the future, but I do think that people born around the same time share traits. I think my sign is fairly accurate for me. That’s not to say I don’t believe in fortune telling at all. After all, it’s hard to live in a magical world and not.” Sutton knew that there were prophecies, but real ones came from only true seers. Things like tealeaf reading and tarot cards made it seem like anyone could tell the future. If that were true then anyone could be a fortune-teller and always knowing the future could be a dangerous thing. If you didn’t like something the future, then you would try to change it. Though, assuming there was fate, then one would never be able to change the future and it was always destined to play out as such no matter what.

These were the sorts of things that seemed to roll around in her brain. She thought a lot about things like fate versus choice. If everything was based on fate, then there would be no choice about anything and it wouldn’t matter what you did. It was depressing in a way, because it meant that no matter how hard you tried, it would never matter. Whatever was destined was going to happen. But in another way it was freeing, because then one would never have to worry about if they were making the wrong choice. Of course, there was no way to know if everything was fate or choice. Maybe it was both. Maybe it was just a bunch of possible fates all based on choice.

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