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Clark Dill, Aladren
Astronomy wins! (tag Professor Wolf-Starra)
Fri Jul 15, 2016 21:13

It was the first day after midterm. Clark woke up early, as he always did, escaping out of his dorm room before Oliver even woke up (it was a bit before curfew ended, but he was a prefect and therefore he could claim he was out making rounds - which he did, until curfew finished, to make that the truth), and ate breakfast as soon as the Hall opened. Once he'd done that, he headed over to the new Astronomy Professor's office, hoping to catch the new teacher before classes started.

Astronomy was his favorite of the sciences. He'd been studying it as his independent study since he'd been a third year. He'd focused several Science Club meetings on the subject, and they had a telescope night coming up that friday.

Now a sixth year, he was bummed that there wouldn't be a formal advanced class now that his school finally had a professor for the subject, but he could see the difficulty in offering a course that only he had the prerequisites for (his Independent Study had been official and thorough enough that he'd taken and passed the Astronomy CATS with an O). In the stead of such a class, he was hoping to set up a more formal instruction based Independent Study when he'd actually get to discuss and debate some of the topics instead of just reading about them.

Hence why he was here. Suddenly overcome with nerves - he felt far more nervous about asking this question than he had been asking Lena to the ball last night, honestly - he hesitated a moment, then knocked, hoping the new professor was in there and hadn't overslept today.

If not, he planned to wait in the hall until the professor arrived. This was school-related, and quite frankly, more important to his future than being on time for his potions class today. If he could get an instructor led study in Astronomy, he had a way better chance of getting into one of the best college level Astronomy curriculums than he did with just an plain old Independent Study.

Failing that, he could at least offer to help TA the Intermediates and help them get up to speed. That would look really good on college applications, too.

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