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Jax Donovan
Are you ready to see the stars? (Tag Caelia)
Thu Jan 19, 2017 15:43

Jax had not expected any further communication from Caelia after she hurriedly thanked him for the scarf that he had gifted to her. He had seen it on her bag, which he found a bit strange. Weren’t scarves only meant for the neck? He assumed it was a female thing and he at least knew that she liked it enough to keep it on her bag. There had been nothing else from her though, so he dismissed everything for the time being. The only time he allowed himself to think about it was when he was using the bookmark and he was reminded about how strange the whole process had been for him.

Her letter, therefore, came to him as a surprise. He did not think she would want to work on astronomy with him, especially since she seemed so certain she would not be allowed to later in her life. He still did not understand any of the way the traditions worked because his mother’s family had been different (or maybe that had been a Greek thing?).

The women in the family were the reason why they had any success at all due to their skills with needlework. The men were who made the business connections and were the face of the century old family name, but it was well known that the women passed down the talent to the female children of the family who showed interest and a level of talent. Gia would have been one of those girls had things not happened the way they had and Jax likely would have worked with his father and the Donovans with their business.

He didn’t understand why other families felt that the women shouldn’t be allowed to work. He was just unable to work his head around it. But his Greek family was a Matriarchal family and they were whom he lived with as a child. The women held the power. Perhaps he would view things differently if his father had made them live in Ireland with the Donovans.

After he had reviewed his schedule to make sure there wasn’t anything conflicting, Jax sent a letter to Caelia to meet him at six pm the following evening in the Astronomy classroom. He hoped that with most people still likely working on their supper, their absence wouldn’t be too noticed. Jax wanted to help Caelia reach her goal, even if she could not pursue it, but he also didn’t want her to get into trouble with her friends for being seen with him. They weren’t doing anything wrong, but people were fickle and the less trouble he caused for others, the better it would be for everyone.

He had a quick dinner before he headed back to the dorm room to change and grab any Astronomy books that he had in his possession. Had he known that she would actually agree to his help, he would have gone to the library and found a few references to check out. He’d just have to do it another time though. With his bag over his shoulder, he went to meet her in the classroom. He liked this room and wished that it was actually in use, having a charmed ceiling really helped. Jax smiled to Caelia when she met him, a rare but genuine one all the same. “I wasn’t sure where you wanted to start?” He didn’t want to assume she knew nothing of the subject, so her guidance and what she wanted would be helpful.

OOC: I hope it’s alright to say she did meet up with him

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