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Caelia Lucan
More ready than I’ve been for anything else.
Tue Jan 24, 2017 22:23

Caelia had waited for Jax’s response to her letter in a rather impatient, un-ladylike manner. She knew it was wrong to be arranging secret meetings with wizards with whom she was neither interested in romantically or betrothed to and even the former was on the rather sketchy side (she made an exception for Matthew because he had made her promises which she knew they would uphold), and it wasn’t even like either her or Jax had asked the other to keep it secret. Yet somehow…the simple exchange of an arranged meeting time during dinner without much sentiment to accompany it made the whole thing feel forbidden.

She honestly wasn’t sure what Kelsey or Alistair would say if they knew of her budding friendship with the sullen Aladren. Kira and Jack weren’t as judgemental as her other two friends and Jack had even roomed with Jax for a short period of time, yet she made no effort to inform any of the people she normally dined with that she would be eating early and skipping the chitchat in favor of studying with Jax Donovan in an empty classroom.

After class that day, she made an excuse to her friends about needing to get something from the library, and went straight to dinner. When she got there, she saw Jax eating but didn’t make a move to join him. She was still unsure about where they stood with their tentative friendship—in public, at least. She had been the one to make assumptions first, after all. What if he was only placating her and didn’t want his friends to know he was friends with someone who wasn’t quite as intelligent as they were? Sure Sammy Meeks could act a bit idiotic at times in Caelia’s personal opinion, but Jax’s sister and his other friend, Laila Kennedy, were intelligent enough so Caelia figured the Sammy also had some sort of brain to her.

After eating a quick, simple meal, she swung by the Crotalus dorms to drop off her school books, taking them out of her school bag and putting them in a pile on one of the coffee tables. She could come back for them later and didn’t think anyone in Crotalus would bother trying to steal them—it was a small school and everyone already had their own books. When she arrived in the Astronomy classroom, Jax was already waiting, greeting her with a smile. She didn’t notice the bulky shape of his schoolbag which would have insinuated a selection of books, and smiled at him in return though her eyes shifted quickly to the charmed ceiling above them.

This, this was why she wanted to study astronomy. Walking into Cascade Hall the previous year into the universe-themed school ball had brought up all these feelings inside of her. Ideas about how insignificant each of them were in the grand scheme of everything and how amazing the whole universe was had swirled through her mind, impressing upon it a thirst to know more about the dusty collection of stars above her. She spun around a couple times to take it all in, the dress she’d chosen to wear to school that day and her school robes, unzipped but still on, twirling around her as she made herself dizzy. Caelia really didn’t care how stupid she probably looked right then. She was just happy to be looking at the stars and the moon and the beautiful colors of the night sky which changed as the clouds moved around and the light from the moon and the stars glowed.

“I suppose we could start with some of the constellations,” Caelia said, still looking up at the ceiling. “Emrys—my brother, she clarified for Jax in case he didn’t know or remember his older housemate—always used to tell me stories about how they got put up in the sky. But I don’t always remember which ones are which or where they go. And I’ve forgotten most of their names or even how to find them.” Where did one start with an astronomy lesson? Caelia wasn’t really sure.

“Or I guess we could do moon phases—I never did understand why it got so big one night of the year or really orange sometimes either, or there’s those colors in the sky which never made sense because night time is supposed to be black but then there are those—” here, she blushed a little, but it wasn’t as though she had gone to seek out Muggle photos herself, they had been shown to her by Wesley who had stolen them from a Muggle classmate one year “—Muggle (the word was almost whispered as though she were afraid the pureblood police might pop out and chastise her for inappropriate behavior even though she really hadn’t even done anything) photos which don’t move and show you things like purple and green and orange in the sky.”

“How do they take those photos anyway?” she asked Jax, tilted her head, forehead puckered as though she were more concerned about how a Muggle took a photo of the sky than she were about anything else in the entire world.

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