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That's good to hear, hopefully I'm a good partner.
Fri Jan 27, 2017 22:19

Jax watched Caelia with interested as she entered the room and began to twirl around while looking up at the charmed night sky. She looked like a girl dancing in the rain. There was joy there, something he rarely saw in people (Sammy did not count as he was certain the only time he had ever seen her not happy was when Pecari lost and even then he wasn’t sure if she was really unhappy and he just found that really odd and one of her quirks) and it surprised him a bit. He didn’t know why her actions surprised him, she had made it clear that this was what she enjoyed, but even after having a couple of conversations with her, he was still taken aback by how open she was with herself.

He didn’t mean that in a way that said she was giving away her life secrets, but just that she wasn’t reserved in the way some of the other traditional, societal Pureblood females were, especially her friends. It was a bit refreshing. Caelia seemed so normal and that’s what surprised him about her. She was just a normal girl like any other.

Watching her now made him wish he had something to enjoy as much as she did with the stars…

Constellations were probably the first thing people wanted to learn and something he could actually talk about without too much difficulty. His knowledge in Astronomy was limited as he studied it on the side for his own self since the school did not have a professor to teach it. His heart skipped a beat when she mentioned the moon phases. He knew that well enough too. Too well, unfortunately, and he wasn’t really in a spot where he felt compelled to teach someone else about it either. Especially if she ended up putting two and two together after awhile. As for her other question, he felt like that would be more in depth than his knowledge was really capable of discussing for this particular meeting.

“Well, let’s start with the Constellations first. I’m not sure what stories your brother told you about, but we’ll see what we can find.” Jax commented, pulling out a book from his bag that was specifically about the constellations. He sometimes liked to try to find them on his own on the nights he couldn’t sleep and just sat looking out the window. “Generally, constellations are seen during specific periods of the Earth’s rotation, which plays into the whole Astrology thing, but for now, we’ll just go over some of the more well known ones.” He indicated the seat beside him and flipped open the book.

“Ursa Major, which is also called The Big Dipper, or the Great Bear, is the one I think most people try to find first because it has the North Star in it. And if we can find it in the ceiling we will be able to map out the rest of the constellation. Can you see it up there?” He asked her, looking up at the ceiling.

  • More ready than I’ve been for anything else.Caelia Lucan, Tue Jan 24 22:23
    Caelia had waited for Jax’s response to her letter in a rather impatient, un-ladylike manner. She knew it was wrong to be arranging secret meetings with wizards with whom she was neither interested... more
    • That's good to hear, hopefully I'm a good partner. — Jax, Fri Jan 27 22:19
      • I'm certain you will be perfect.Caelia, Wed Feb 1 20:37
        “They have a sort of camera that they sent to space and it takes the pictures for them.” Jax said after a moment. It was pretty vague of an explanation, but it was really all he could think of to... more
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