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I'm certain you will be perfect.
Wed Feb 1, 2017 20:37

“They have a sort of camera that they sent to space and it takes the pictures for them.” Jax said after a moment. It was pretty vague of an explanation, but it was really all he could think of to say. “I do not know much about Muggle technology to say for sure how, but I could ask Professor Ammon about it, if you’d like?”

“Oh,” Caelia said, thinking about it. Muggles could really send a camera all the way out to the moon? How did they do that without magic? It was a startling thought, but Jax’s offer to ask Professor Ammon came as a relief. She wanted to know more about this special moon-camera, but she was certain she wasn’t allowed to talk to Professor Ammon about it at all. Certainly she had been forbidden from taking the Muggle Studies class by Grandmother who had tsked her tongue when she’d heard it was being offered at Sonora. “That would be lovely, thank you,” she said, blushing a little because having someone talk to a professor for her made her feel kind of helpless and weak and not very smart at all. And also, maybe, just maybe, she was a little embarrassed to show pureblood rhetoric in front of someone like Jax who had been so kind to help her out and obviously didn’t care about things like that as two of his best friends were muggleborns.

Caelia nodded—the North Star was probably the one she knew how to find the best because that was the most well-known star and so it was something easy for even someone as silly as she was to know. “Don’t the Greeks have a whole star system too?” she asked, taking her eyes off the stars for a moment to look at Jax properly for the first time that afternoon. Emrys had mostly told her stories about constellations that came from Native American mythology but her interest in the stars had lead to her spending sometime in the library and eventually she had developed an interest in that part of astronomy too. It was interesting to think that different civilisations had different ways to look at the stars.

Some of the books Caelia had read mentioned stories that were told about why each constellation was formed, some of them had thrilled her and some of them had scared her and for the first time she had really understood why Emrys liked to read mythology so much. She wondered how much of this mythology Jax had learned from his family and if he would be willing to tell her stories that he knew that hadn’t been in the few books she had skimmed on the subject of constellations. “My brother told me there’s a story about a mountain goat who climbed and climbed and eventually was turned into the North Star by his father.”

Caelia couldn’t remember which tribe it came from and she couldn’t remember who this mountain goat’s father was since he apparently could turn goats into stars, but she did remember thinking it was a good story about a parent who loved their child so much they didn’t want to part with them and instead immortalised them. Caelia wondered if her mother would ever love her that much, she was sure her father did, but sometimes she wondered if her mother didn’t love her as much as she loved Emrys because Emrys was decidedly smart and she was not.

OOC: Bit in Jax's head at the beginning written by his author in chatzy in response to one of Caelia's questions from a previous post which had accidentally been left out before.

  • Jax watched Caelia with interested as she entered the room and began to twirl around while looking up at the charmed night sky. She looked like a girl dancing in the rain. There was joy there,... more
    • I'm certain you will be perfect. — Caelia, Wed Feb 1 20:37
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