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I have been AWOL of late so for the old timers wanting an
Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:58pm

Update. Here you go! And thank you for the bday wishes!!
I have been very busy with my breeding program and with service dog
Raising. Done with that for awhile as I am training my own medical alert dog.
We have also been traveling back and forth from CA to Pa to see our precious granddaughter and son and daughter in love.
I lost my Mom in March and have been crazy busy with trying to get the estate settled. Lots of running back and forth to her home two hires away. So life is incredibly busy!
We said good bye to our oldest Labradoodle 2 weeks ago. Tali was almost 13 and suffering from many maladies. We decided to love her enough to let her go before the cold weather set in. She has left s big hole in our hearts and our home.
The BIG news is we will be moving to PA in the spring. We have bought a house and will be spending the next few months getting ready for a cross country live with dogs. Should be an adventure. We will be taking at least 4 and if Chipper's retirement home does not work out we will take 5. We have a lovely older couple that adore her and would love to make her theirs - the final decision is up to Chipper. We are working on transitioning her and will see how it goes. If she loves them she stays if not she goes with us.
If any of you live not too far off of interstate 80 or 40 and would be willing to let our dogs run in your yards we sure would love to possibly stop and let them stretch a bit.
I will still be breeding in PA all website info etc will stay the same except for physical address.

    • Nice update and pups close to OH. Hugs! (nm)Bev, Holly, Callie, Mon Oct 24 7:37pm
    • Good to hear from you and good luck with ->Swarl, Fri Oct 14 8:49am
      your move. What a change!!!
    • You've been one busy lady but I see picturesPeggy(NJ), Fri Oct 14 6:08am
      of the baby on FB and can see why you want to be near her. Just remember to buy warm clothes it gets cold up here. I'm in New Jersey not far from Pa.
    • Wow you have a lot going onKit & Maggie, Thu Oct 13 11:53pm
      I'm delighted to hear you're coming to PA. I feel like I once knew where you'll be living, but it has gone, so I have to ask. Where are you settling? Near the family, I'm sure, but where is that?
      • Lovely house. Just want to be there now! 15 Min from our son and his wife and baby
        • I love Waynesboro!Franny (Spencer & Lacey), Fri Oct 14 6:38am
          I went to sleep away camp as a kid up there and we used to go to Penn Mar park and the Appalachian trail up there. I really like the whole Hagerstown/Waynesboro and the other towns up there. I also... more
    • Glad to see an update.SD&B, Thu Oct 13 6:24pm
      I've been following you on fb and have seen most of this. I'm very sorry to hear about Tali. I know she took a piece of your heart with her. But she did know love and will also take that with her. So ... more
    • So glad to get an updateLinda P and Bear in OH, Thu Oct 13 1:57pm
      You always take on a lot, and that hasn't changed. Imagine training your own medical alert dog. It sounds like a demanding job. Grandchildren can inspire big things. A friend of mine has been waiting ... more
    • Nice to see you, BarbincaPhyllis/Shalom, Wed Oct 12 9:58pm
      Does this mean that you will become "Barbinpa" instead? Best of luck with your cross-country move. We've done a couple of those and I know how much organizing goes into it.
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