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Never a dull moment with our furry family…
Fri Oct 14, 2016 10:02pm

We have had some bad luck for sure. Casey our nine month Labradoodle ate something hard that got stuck in his intestine. Our beauty-boy was agitated on Monday (Oct. 10th), by Tuesday he was not eating, when he stopped drinking water I knew this was bad and took him to the Vet clinic. They x-rayed, saw the blockage and gave Cassie something to help it pass through the intestines. When this didn't happen and they could see that the wall of the intestine was being stretched, surgery was necessary. I brought Casey home yesterday (Oct 13th) at 5 p.m. with a medley of medications - antibiotics, pain-killers, sedatives, gastro-this and thats and special foods soft and dry. And a chart, all color coded indicating what to give Cassie and when.

We are so fortunate to have such an excellent Veterinary Clinic, three towns down the river but only 30 minutes by car. The acted quickly and Casey should have a full recover.

I just sat in the clinic and wondered why, how and just how unfair. I have been at the Vets office so often lately that I am now acquainted with the other clients of the clinic and the well-being of the pets of these clients! I posted the news of our Rocky passing away, I’m not sure if many saw my posting or pictures, I did forget to put my name on it. It got posted as Anonymous on September 24th. There were those clinic appointments as well as our little Maggie appointments for her puppy vaccinations. Now with Casey having his surgery, I’m a fixture in the waiting room of the Vet clinic. The staff has been outstanding with their care and compassion.

I've come to the conclusion that our pets are far more maintenance than our children ever were. And I'm sure there is a sign at the end of our driveway...any animal that requires extensive Vet bills are welcome here.

To make matters worse, Casey has only had two classes of his new puppy school...I fear we may have to drop-out...again. This dog is never going to be trained!! Gee, I wonder why he ate something he shouldn't have eaten in the first place. That is one thing that our pets and children have in common, anything ‘wrong’ will be traced back to the mother!

Today, Casey is doing much better, still heavily medicated. The incision area looks very good; we are focused on keeping him quiet to allow healing with no complications.

Maggie and Jupiter went to the groomer today for major clean up. The Vet had kindly mentioned that clean bedding for Casey would be a good idea. I had to ponder if/when this Vet had ever been to my house...anyway, I washed the dog beds and then figured I should wash the dogs too since they all share the same beds...!!

Wow, then I went and got my hair cut too...can't have the dogs looking better than me!! Steve has mentioned how lovely the dogs look...I have now just included myself in that grouping...

All in all, Molly cat is just viewing the whole situation and wonders why we can’t all just be cats.

There are times that I wonder about this too. Oh my, how we love our doodles…

Casey, home and resting after surgery

Casey, healing nicely

Maggie - a dirty girl indeed

Maggie & Jupiter - after their baths at the groomers

Jupiter looking so clean! If only she would teach Maggie to behave like a lady!

Maggie with her best buddy Casey, waiting for Casey to play...Maggie just seems to know she has to wait...

Molly, being a cat

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