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It's not too late...
Sun Nov 27, 2016 7:29pm

I would greatly enjoy a Doodle Card Exchange this December. I will coordinate a list of names and addresses for anyone who wishes to participate. Please send your name, your address and the name(s) of your Doodle(s) to my e-mail address:

In a week, December 5th, I will make a list and e-mail it back to all of you participating. Then the fun begins, the Doodle Cards will be arriving in mailboxes all over. The card does not have to be fancy; many are able to make their card on their home computers. The card can be of any theme, Christmas, Seasons Greetings, the New Year…or a Handsome/Beautiful Doodle.

This is short notice for this card exchange. I do realize that many of you are on more up-to-date modes of communication. I am a traditionalist…ok, just plain old-fashioned…maybe even just old (?!). I still enjoy going to the mailbox and receiving a card. The cards go into a basket on our table and I watch as everyone who visits over the holiday season eventually reaches into the basket to peek, eventually pulling each card out for better viewing. Last year we received over 30 Doodle Cards in the exchange. I can still hear the ‘tut tut’ as our guests looked at us with scorn for our foolish behavior…yet they still looked at every card with smiles on their faces.

I will be exchanging Doodle Cards this year, with already one that I know of…send me your name if you want some fun too.

Casey and Maggie, waiting for the fun to begin...

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