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Kit and Maggie
Need help with doodle and computer
Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:27pm

Hi friends,
I've been mostly a lurker for quite a while. Maggie the rescue doodle is more comfortable with us and us with her. It's nearly three years now, and she's fit in. She still has her little issue, though, in that she eats any and everything that catches her eye. Here's my question:
Does anyone know if licorice root mulch will hurt a dog who wants to munch it like lettuce?
Frank lined our beds with it yesterday and mostly they're out front, but there are two beds with it in the back, and natch, Miss Maggie headed right for them and commenced grazing like a goat. What do you think? Anyone have any experience with this?

Also, I'm on a new laptop, and I've forgotten what I did to get rid of the popups on my old computer. There's an anti-pop-up program that one of you found. Can anyone please remind me what it is?

Hope everyone is having/has had lovely spring holidays. Ours is quiet, but a lovely day. I'll post more to catch up later. I have to go put together Easter baskets for later when my grown children come over and eat as much chocolate as 6 year olds!

I do get a kick out of all the doodle puppies and growing pictures and group shots. Hugs to all,

    • Hey there!! Zinnia eats everything outsidevicki,zoe,zinc,zed,zemo&zinnia, Thu Apr 20 7:48pm
      that she can. That is followed by vomiting or the runs. So, I took a mesh muzzle a size or two larger and covered the front of it, just her nose sticks out. She can drink, pant and eat a treat that I ... more
    • Ad BlockMary Ann, Mon Apr 17 2:52pm
      Kit, I don't know what kind of computer you have but I have a MacBook Pro, it is an older model. If you have a Mac and are using Safari, go to Safari Extensions and install AdBlock. Hope this helps.
      • Thanks, Mary AnneKit and Maggie, Tue Apr 18 8:31am
        I actually did that with my Chrome, too, and so far it's good.
      • Thanks for the tip, Mary AnnPhyllis/Shalom, Mon Apr 17 11:30pm
        I was wondering how to get rid of those PITA ads on my computer. Just installed AdBlock.
    • Hi Kit. where are you living now?jackie&duke&delilah, Mon Apr 17 10:31am
      When we met in VB I think you were in PA and Cape May. Love to Maggie. She is a beauty.
      • Hi Jackie!Kit and Maggie, Mon Apr 17 7:49pm
        Different house in PA, but still the cottage near the Delaware Bay. Maggie IS lovely, and it has saved her life on several occasions! She has two modes DH says, sleeping and in trouble. But she has... more
        • Hey Kit. We lost Delilah a year ago tojackie&duke&delilah, Tue Apr 18 10:15am
          bone cancer. She was 11 at that time. Duke is still VERY active and will be 11 this month. He is very smart and loveable. Great to hear from you and your girl.
          • Oh, I'm so sorryKit and Maggie, Tue Apr 18 2:22pm
            It's very hard, I know that. Glad to hear Duke is in peak form.
    • firefox with AdBlocker Plus (nm)Amy GDLSEOM, Mon Apr 17 1:51am
    • Licorice Root Mulch from GoogleEmilie Bottiggi, Sun Apr 16 4:29pm
      While licorice root mulch does not contain Theobromine, it does pose a serious obstruction risk. Many mulch varieties contain essential oils and resins that, in addition to the risk for obstruction,... more
      • Okay, time to go collect the mulch (nm)Kit and Maggie, Sun Apr 16 5:09pm
        • You're Welcome!Emilie Bottiggi, Sun Apr 16 6:38pm
          I had never heard of Licorice Root Mulch, so I always "Google" when I don't know an answer. I'm known as Ms. Google around Brookdale Senior Living where I live!
          • ThanksKit and Maggie, Mon Apr 17 7:59pm
            I have a run by the vet tomorrow to check on what I think is allergies. I'll ask about mulch, too, and get back to the Zoo on it. Thanks, though, I appreciate your thoughts.
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