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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
Funny, funny Roo pup! We left the house
Tue Jul 11, 2017 12:15am

Sunday to go visit the grandkids for a bit. Ellie was crated because I think free roam of the house while we are away is still a little too much responsibility for our Little Miss who seems to have "blonde moments" on occasion. I told Roo that we were going to be gone for awhile, be a good boy, and told him he could sleep on our bed if he wanted. Yes, I have detailed conversations with the doggos! We got into the car, pulled partially down the driveway and DH decided he forgot something. We were literally out of the house 3-5 minutes. DH calls me into the house to see what Roo did. In those few minutes Roo got a package of English muffins from the second shelf of the pantry, a bag of snickerdoodle coffee beans, took them both to our bed and ate the muffins. He drooled a little on the bag of coffee and you could see where he nibbled it, but no beans were injured in the making of this Doodle adventure. What the heck?! Roo needed a muffin and coffee as soon as we left him alone? I decided to check the bathroom because Roo watched me put 1/2 of a jalapeno popper into the trash can. Said trash can requires that you step on the foot pedal to open it. Yep, that's what our boy does...I've watched him do it. Sure enough the snack I threw away was no longer in the trash. That clever dog had to have been plotting this to have it all done in those few minutes. Silly boy! He will be getting more familiar with his crate!

All the while her brother was scoring snacks and eating them in our bed, Little Princess Pup was happily chewing on her RMB safely in her crate.

Roo has also learned to open the cabinet that has the pull out trash can in the kitchen. Grabs the handle with his teeth, pulls it open and takes out what ever interests him. I'm putting a child lock on that cabinet!

    • They are just amzing, aren't they?!?!? You DID tellJen, Jaxx and Harley, Sat Jul 15 10:12pm
      him he could sleep on the bed. You just forgot to tell him not to bring snacks along :)
    • Mabe the thing to do is not tell RooSoogee and Doc, Tue Jul 11 8:21pm
      where you are going. Perhaps if Roo thought that you were picking up the mail outside there might not be enough time to do the nasty garbage digging. Nah...Roo is too smart for that trick. And to... more
    • Roo Rules - in style. LOL (nm)Swarl, Tue Jul 11 8:01am
    • Roo is smarter than you think Mom maybe you need to Peggy(Rocky), Tue Jul 11 6:23am
      get one of those monitors to see what he's up to when your not home. LOL
    • Ha, ha. That Roo sure is a smart fella!SD&B, Tue Jul 11 2:45am
      Too smart for his own good. You'll have to teach him to fetch a beer from the fridge. He's got mad skills and could easily do it.
      • Must be Sundog!Laurie+Tru, Tue Jul 11 1:50pm
        Hi Deb... saw your beautiful girl this AM on a Petsmart commercial for a raw food product- she's looking regal with a forest behind her...had to be Sundog. Felt like a brush with fame.🙂
        • Squeeeeal! Tell me more! Pretty please!!!SD&B, Tue Jul 11 3:41pm
          Was it a TV commercial? Was she moving or was it a still photograph? She did film both video and photos in a forest for Petsmart. Were there any other dogs in the commercial? (Other dogs also filmed... more
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