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Look who's in another Petsmart ad!
Tue Jul 11, 2017 4:58pm

Sundog was in a Canada flyer. Thanks to Laurie (Laurie+Tru) for a shout out. I am just tickled pink with this photo.

Also, bonus picture. This is a picture of a sign in a Petsmart. If your Petsmart has a Pinnacle Nutrition shop, check out the signs. You just may see Sundog.

    • That's SO exciting!!! (nm)Jen, Jaxx and Harley, Sat Jul 15 10:14pm
    • That's awesome!!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Wed Jul 12 3:17am
    • How cool is that?!?!? Your girl looks stunningMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Tue Jul 11 9:30pm
      in the photo. I think black dogs are beautiful and Sundog is one fine specimen! I'll have to check out our local PetSmart and see if I can find our friend, Sundog.
    • Wow! I want to be one of the firstSoogee and Doc, Tue Jul 11 8:33pm
      to obtain her signature. Just think...Doodle celebrity. You need to attach a pen to her collar so she has something to sign with. How exciting to see her photo in the stores. It does give a special... more
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