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am I having computer problems....
Mon Jul 17, 2017 8:43am
2602:304:cd81:46d0:ad52:58c3:1c2c:8062 looks as though no one posted after mine. Please note, life goes on and so will mine. So how about posting some pictures of your pet or telling stories of what your doodle did to make you laugh. I enjoyed seeing sundog and barney romping through the woods (even tho I couldn't tell which one was which LOL) And I will enjoy seeing your posts too. Love to all.

    • A note about your package. It willSoogee and Doc, Mon Jul 17 9:13pm
      be late, I'm afraid. Mort really put his back out. He can't move and is in terrible pain. There was no going to the post office today and it looks like the rest of the week is going to close all the... more
      • OMG PLEASE forget about it...Eve/Sampson, Tue Jul 18 10:35am
        ? and Mort need to take care of each other. I already know you care about me and all the other zooers. We love and cherish the commitment you have for all of us. I have All your gifts in plan... more
        • Ah, but you are so sweet to say theseSoogee and Doc, Tue Jul 18 8:51pm
          things. Know what we do with sweet people? We get their package out!! Mort took care to catch our mailman today. He kept watching out the window and hobbled out to meet him. He asked our post man if... more
          • Nice people! Anita , Thu Jul 20 9:02am
            Nice mailmen are great to have. My daughter was appalled when I asked my mailman to open a jar for me when I broke my wrist. !! He just chucked and said happy to help :)))
    • Sundog have different coats which is easier to see by looking at their tails. Sundog has a "straight" hair tail and Barney has curly hair on his tail. Also, Sundog has a red collar and Barney has a... more
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