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I have a real problem with Rocky every time someone
Mon Aug 7, 2017 5:10pm

comes to the door he goes crazy jumping on them just to be friendly. He's a great dog in all ways but that jumping is overwhelming. I tried stepping on his leash and putting him in his crate but he then barks . He is great with us but with his weight he can knock you over. My husband gets really upset because he won't listen . I can't always let him out every time someone comes in for a visit. Any suggestions would help. I 'm thinking about taking him for training. My grandson's are small and I can't let him jump on them.

    • Same here! They get so excited when people come. Dogs on theBev, Holly, Callie, Sat Aug 12 10:48am
      sidewalk make them crazy and out of control.
    • Here's what worked for Roo. We started associating hisMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Wed Aug 9 12:37am
      over exuberant greeting with "here's your toy" then moved on to "get your toy." We made sure to have a few of Roos favorite toys in strategic places like by each door to the outside, in the living... more
      • Daisy has started charging at the fence when our neighbors dogs are out and I can get her to focus if I get her ball out for her. She now will respond to me calling her back even without the ball.
    • we had the same problem with Sammy. ..Eve/Sampson RIP, Tue Aug 8 9:34am
      ... he thought the people were coming to see him. Amazingly, if we put him in another room and closed the door he was quiet as a mouse. Once everyone was in we would let him out and we'd tell people... more
    • I would have a trainer come to your houseLeslie, Kirby & Daisy, Mon Aug 7 9:01pm
      If you have frequent visitors I bet they will have a good training plan.
    • I had this same problem with Doc.Soogee and Doc, Mon Aug 7 8:04pm
      Doc weighed 100 pounds (that was what we brought him down to from 120 pounds). What we did if people would visit and stay a while, perhaps for dinner. Before our guests got here we would put the... more
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