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Soogee has struck again!
Mon Aug 7, 2017 8:41pm

Soogee, how on earth did you know I needed a "pick me up"??
A birthday gift arrived from you today and it was so beautiful! I have only been a lurker here for the past year.... my husband is battling cancer, like so many these days. You brought me joy and for that, I am truly grateful!
Thank you, thank you!!!
Susan, Marlow & Sloan

    • Soogee is the most thoughtfulEmilie Bottiggi, Sun Aug 20 12:07am
      person ever. She shows up just when you never expect it! Happy birthday a few days late.
      • Today is the day! Marlow & Sloan's Mom, Sun Aug 20 7:52am
        You aren't late at all! Today I turned 60, ugh! No more birthdays 😀
    • Soogee is one of the most thoughtful people IMelissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sun Aug 13 9:42pm
      know. Happy Birthday!
    • Sue is one special lady!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Wed Aug 9 6:51am
    • Ah Sue, I was going to be sort of cuteSoogee and Doc, Tue Aug 8 12:53am
      and say something stupid like, "Where is she? I'll get her for you, just show her to me". Stupid? Yeah, but that is sort of the mood I am in myself. But I became sobered up (I don't drink) when I... more
      • My husband is diabetic too!Marlow & Sloan's Mom, Wed Aug 9 8:10am
        I understand about protein levels! My DH had a kidney transplant about 9 years ago because of diabetes. He now has cancer of the epiglottis and base of the tongue that is back for a second time. The... more
        • OMG, I got such an adrenalin rushSoogee and Doc, Wed Aug 9 8:33pm
          when I read your post. I must have left my body when I read that your husband had a kidney transplant and is battling cancer. Surgery, procedures and tests make me very fearful. There is far too much ... more
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