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Soogee and Doc
Rec'd email from Kelly Duncan. She
Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:17pm

had given me permission to post for her with news of what is going on with her and Mac. She had Mac to the vet and their vet felt that Mac is not ready to say his goodbyes yet. If on carpeting he can get up. It's on flat and slippery floors that he can not get up. It's hard when all four feet slip out from under you. It's like running in place but without the humor. I've been there. When I fell some 6 weeks ago. I was down but there was no getting up for me. I guess the best thing for Kelly to do is keep Mad on some sort of carpet or rug. The vet gave Mac medicine for pain. Kelly could not post for herself for she wound up in the hospital with a serious pain flare-up. They gave her a nerve block.

Beyond what is happening to Mac and Kelly, she has a bigger issue regarding her DH. He is battling cancer. She said it had flared up before but is now in his epiglottis and the base on his tongue. Kelly mentioned that 6 years ago her DH had a heart valve replaced and 3 weeks ago his heart started fluttering and he had to receive the shock paddles. Our poor Kelly and family have their hands full right now and she apologizes for not being able to come on line and tell you herself.

Hang in there, Kelly. Our prayers are with you all. We wish you and DH and Mac good health, a softer passage though your rough road and sunshine to light your way.

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