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Back from 5 days at Saranac Lake in the
Sat Aug 12, 2017 5:34pm

Adirondaks. It is my DH's dream place. Not mine. We stayed in a "Rustic" cabin, meaning no kitchen, a shower where your elbows hit the wall, a dorm fridge and a charcoal grill. Thank heaven the family pontoon boat is nice. Lots of black flies and mosquitos. Why did they not bother Jim or Duke? Did see 2 bald eagles a mink and some loons. Scenery is beautiful but I'll take a beach anyday.!!!!

    • I'm with you!Leslie, Tue Aug 15 2:44pm
      I don't do camping or rustic/roughing it. I don't need a 5 star hotel but like basic comforts :). And I hate bugs!!
    • I'm kind of a beach girl too. I prefer not to do "rustic" Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sun Aug 13 9:33pm
      and I hate flying bugs. That said, I would like to visit the Adirondacks some day. Glad you're home safely!
    • I'm with you Jackie my heart is on the beach!!! (nm)Peggy(Rocky), Sun Aug 13 7:06am
    • It sounds lovely, but I hate the mosquitoes and black flies too. We don't have as many here. The black flies would eat Sundog and Barney alive. Doesn't it seem like the people who love a place are... more
      • The bugs would bite when we stopped the boatjackie&duke&delilah, Sun Aug 13 11:21am
        to fish. They said the flies were bad this year because the lakes and rivers were high. I have a great picture of Duke on the boat I will post on facebook.
    • And love the mountains. What ISoogee and Doc, Sat Aug 12 11:26pm
      don't understand is that Summer is not usually the time for the black flies. They usually swarm in the early Spring.. Same for mosquitos but they will bite all summer long especially if humid. I use... more
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