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Anita A Irwin
Houston Flooding
Sun Aug 27, 2017 1:29pm

Daughter just spent 5 days in Cancun with a college friend celebrating friends belated 50th. She returned home Thursday and Daughter stayed to work a few more days. Was to come home through Houston but changed to come through Denver. Friend has 2 girls 7 and 9, Hubby and 3 German Shepherds :(( Water is now in garage and to front door step. :(( Neighbors house has 2 feet in house and they came and turned off electricity. Not good since it will rain till Thursday they say and some heavy :(( Frightening!!! What does one do with 3 large dogs and no place to take a break :((

  • Yes indeed!LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sun Aug 27 1:19am
    Texas Gulf Coast (Victoria, Port Lavaca, Port O'Conner, Matagorda County) was my Dad's home. I think most of his side of the family is either gone or moved. I grew up in that part of Texas. I do have ... more
    • Houston Flooding — Anita A Irwin, Sun Aug 27 1:29pm
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