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jan s and crew
Houston floods
Tue Aug 29, 2017 3:29pm

Thanks Maya -
Things are pretty ugly. Mandatory evacuation but haven't left. Dogs are safe. Will go to second story of neighbors home if necessary. Have food and water. We have a generator unless the water gets too high. One area a mile from us just had boat evacuations. River is due to crest late thursday. Will see what happens.

  • Jan, you have been very much in my thoughts recentlyMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Mon Aug 28 9:54pm
    I have been wondering how you are doing and whether you had evacuated. I hope you continue to stay safe. I am so very sorry to hear about Brie. Brie came to you right before Wy came to me so we have... more
    • Houston floods — jan s and crew, Tue Aug 29 3:29pm
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