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Whichever brand you choose I recommend using Milk Thistle
Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:15pm

(also called Silymarin) to detox and cleanse the liver the day before, the day of treatment, and the day after treatment. I give a 300 mg capsule in the am and in the pm opened and mixed with food for each of my 50-65 pound Doodles.

They are all seniors and none of them has ever had any concerning side effects from the milk thistle although one might occasionally have a bit of slightly soft stool, which could also be caused by the Heartguard. I've used Heartguard Plus for years during bug season & they've always tested clear. It is also good for other worms.

Heartworm treatments are blood circulating poisons whichever brand you choose so detoxifying the liver is a beneficial thing to do for the dog.

I learned of this detox through a magazine called "Dogs Naturally" which is composed of articles by integrative veterinarians and practitioners.

My vet agreed that this is a very good thing to be doing at any age but especially for seniors. It is also good to do if your dog is having vaccinations.

The recommended dose is 300 mg for a 45 # dog 2X day. For a 22 pound dog I would take a 300 mg capsule and spread it between two meals. Check with your vet if you have questions.

I give human grade silymarin (milk thistle) 300 mg capsules from NOW that I order from Amazon.

Written in the hopes puppy Maxwell lives long and prospers!

Maya and the Ws

  • Question on heartworm medicinesLinda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Tue Aug 22 3:04pm
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    • Whichever brand you choose I recommend using Milk Thistle — Maya, Wy, Woo, Wei, and Wyn, Wed Aug 30 1:15pm
      • Thanks for this info, Maya.linda p and, Fri Sep 1 2:28pm
        It is a concern to be putting poison into our pets, in order to prevent even worse possible illness. a new idea, and I like it!
    • I've used Tri Heart Plus chewables...Eve/Sampson RIP, Wed Aug 23 8:12am
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      • Thanks for your response. Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Wed Aug 23 2:55pm
        I may be getting a bit more worried than I need to. New puppy seems to be causing me to rethink all the decisions we used years ago for Bear.
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