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Happy that you like it :-)
Thu Aug 31, 2017 3:18pm (XFF:

My hubby did the editing this time and the torch will soon be passed to me so between time and learning curve I may not be able to pump out episodes as fast as I like. But once I get my groove I hope to have one every other week.


  • New doodle podcastAdina (Rosco & Boca), Thu Aug 31 10:46am
    Hi Doodle Zooers! I just wanted to let you know that I've created a doodle podcast. This first episode is an interview with Jacquie of Doodle Rescue Collective. Future episodes will have possibly... more
    • Happy that you like it :-) — Adina, Thu Aug 31 3:18pm
    • PodcastShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Thu Aug 31 2:33pm
      I giggled when you mentioned getting your 1st puppy. I remember the days that you were so worried about your "aggressive" doodle. You have come a long way and created a great Doodle community. Thank... more
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