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Soogee and Doc
KELLY DUNCAN..OMG Ms. Kelly, what you did.
Fri Sep 1, 2017 1:28am

I was sitting in my hobby room when this package dropped in on me.
I looked at it. I shook it. I smelled it. I felt it's light weight. I was going to taste it but discarded that idea. Hocus-pocus came in the form of my carton opener. I decided to live dangerously and opened #2 first (I do things like that) After that, I didn't need #1 which was my #2. When I stopped crying I was holding Doc in my hands and could not put it down. Whom ever did the art work caught Doc perfectly. I can't believe he is gone for over 3 years. I miss him terribly. How to say thank you is my problem now. Kelly, I am deeply touched. It is like holding my boy all over again. I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness, Thank you, Kelly. Thank you so very much. There is a card in the mail to you. The other really didn't need to include them. I did attach the towel right to my oven in the kitchen. By the way, I also smell good too :o))

    • DocKelly, Mac and Roni, Wed Sep 6 1:35am
      I am glad that you liked your surprise. I thought that it turned out really well. I always enjoyed, and I miss, Doc's words of wisdom. I know that you hold him close to your heart and always will. I... more
      • Well, you did a good job at surprise.Soogee and Doc, Thu Sep 7 2:08am
        You're a fast learner. Again, I thank you so much for a perfect gift. One from the heart to another heart. I have ordered a frame for it and upon my wall shall it rest.
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