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Soogee and Doc
Oh Debbie, that is such a sweet
Tue Sep 5, 2017 9:26pm

thing to say. Actually, I was in the midst of a problem with my eye. The next morning Mort put in a call to my eye doctor's office. After many calls back and forth (eye doctor was off for holiday. I needed emergency transport from the ambulette service) my eye doctor came to my house in bicycle garb after stopping at his office to pick up supplies he though he would need. I haven't seen doctors come to the house in a coons age. He didn't have to do that. It was an amazing twist of fate that could have been a horrible day.
Thank you for your very sweet post.

  • If you felt SD&B, Tue Sep 5 6:52pm
    half as special as you really are, then you had a great day!
    • Oh Debbie, that is such a sweet — Soogee and Doc, Tue Sep 5 9:26pm
      • Only speaking the truth!SD&B, Tue Sep 5 10:23pm
        Glad to hear the eye doctor was able to help. It's amazing how you don't really think of your eyes or other particular body parts until they start hurting. And, boy, do eyes hurt when they hurt. Glad ... more
        • Except I think I am going to haveSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 7 10:19pm
          to see him again as the drops and opening of the stye didn't fix the problem. It's still there and often feels like a foreign body in my eye. We shall take one thing at a time. Always problems.
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