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Kate and her "Y" Girls
I can't imagine what you're facing. Stay safe. Sending
Wed Sep 6, 2017 10:38am


  • IRMASusan, Marlow & Sloan, Wed Sep 6 7:33am
    No plan for us yet. My husband and I are in Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa and the pups are home in Vero Beach. I hope to go home on Friday and be there with the pups. This storm looks so bad now and ... more
    • NashvilleEmilie, Sun Sep 10 12:12am
      A lot of folks are traveling to Nashville to escape IRMA.
    • TampaPhyllis/Shalom, Sat Sep 9 9:33pm
      Thinking of you and everyone else in Irma's path. My SIL used to work at Moffitt and still volunteers there on occasion. She and my BIL live in Tampa.
      • We made it home Friday night Marlow & Sloan's Mom, Sun Sep 10 7:55am
        So glad to be home! DH doesn't feel good but is glad to be here. I worry about Tampa and the entire West coast of FL. We are getting feeder bands now of the hurricane. I ran the dogs out once already ... more
    • I can't imagine what you're facing. Stay safe. Sending — Kate and her "Y" Girls, Wed Sep 6 10:38am
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