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You would have loved it, Soogee!
Thu Sep 14, 2017 5:57pm

I pet an alligator, played with fire, put up a quick emergency shelter, dug a cat hole, did a couple of night hikes, learned a lot, had great meals, enjoyed great entertainment, and ran around with about a hundred women in the woods for the weekend.

An Indian Medicine Wheel ceremony does sound very special. I think I would like that too. I bet you would love to see petroglyphs and pottery shards, such as we have here in Arizona.

  • I figured this was right up your alley.Soogee and Doc, Wed Sep 13 8:17pm
    Just looking at your posted photos over the years I would have placed you right there. I love places like this. Many years ago when my kids were young (and so was I) we went away to an Indian... more
    • You would have loved it, Soogee! — SD&B, Thu Sep 14 5:57pm
      • You bet I would. Your weekendSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 8:34pm
        sounds great!! Oh yes, that would have been me if I could yet walk. Not far from here is a wonderful, open and expansive and natural park. We use to go quite often. In the Fall they had gatherings... more
        • That depends....SD&B, Thu Sep 14 10:26pm
          Are you a wanderer, unconcerned with the miles? Concerned with the little things and big things that you can see and observe? An expansive view, a bug, a rock, a bird, a whatever? can stop you in... more
          • A wanderer. I was once. Perhaps stillSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 10:46pm
            if I can get out. I love nature, the rocks, the birds, the water, and, oh yes, the trees. I love trees. I have favorites all around town and then some. I always look for them. I admit, I have hugged... more
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