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Soogee and Doc
You bet I would. Your weekend
Thu Sep 14, 2017 8:34pm

sounds great!! Oh yes, that would have been me if I could yet walk. Not far from here is a wonderful, open and expansive and natural park. We use to go quite often. In the Fall they had gatherings that showed you how to tap and make maple syrup. They had nature walks pointing out different plants and how they make medicine from them. Always interesting. Most of the walks were lead by a man by the name of Nick Shumatoff. He was more American Indian than white. He was so into Indian things that the tribe made him one of them which he was so proud to tell everyone. He wrote some books about what he taught. If memory serves, and it might not any longer, I think the last we heard was that he was leaving the park to go off and live with the tribe that took him in, At least for a while. Don't know if he ever came back. It was such a beautiful place called Ward Pound Ridge. I'll tell you, Deb, I think you and I would have hit it off well had we lived near each other. You know, I'm pretty sure, that growing up I camped out on the Islands of Lake George in the New York Adirondacks for 6 weeks every summer for 14 years. It's where my heart is. Its where part of my soul lives. One summer on a clear night my mom was putting out our campfire. My close friend was spending a few weeks with us. I walked down to the water on the other side of the point and sat down on the cold rocks. Suddenly the sky became alive with color that moved like water. It was the only time I was treated by the forces that are, to The Northern Lights. The conditions were just right at that moment. It only lasted a few minutes but I will never forget it. You're a girl after my own heart.

  • You would have loved it, Soogee!SD&B, Thu Sep 14 5:57pm
    I pet an alligator, played with fire, put up a quick emergency shelter, dug a cat hole, did a couple of night hikes, learned a lot, had great meals, enjoyed great entertainment, and ran around with... more
    • You bet I would. Your weekend — Soogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 8:34pm
      • That depends....SD&B, Thu Sep 14 10:26pm
        Are you a wanderer, unconcerned with the miles? Concerned with the little things and big things that you can see and observe? An expansive view, a bug, a rock, a bird, a whatever? can stop you in... more
        • A wanderer. I was once. Perhaps stillSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 10:46pm
          if I can get out. I love nature, the rocks, the birds, the water, and, oh yes, the trees. I love trees. I have favorites all around town and then some. I always look for them. I admit, I have hugged... more
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