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That depends....
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:26pm

Are you a wanderer, unconcerned with the miles? Concerned with the little things and big things that you can see and observe? An expansive view, a bug, a rock, a bird, a whatever? can stop you in your tracks to take it all in? I think you probably are a wanderer, like me. I bet we would have hit it off just swell.

I would have enjoyed Nick's gatherings. Wandering in the park learning about nature? Definitely would have been my cup of tea.

And to see the Northern Lights? Oh, that has got to be one of the most beautiful sights on Earth. (Or above the Earth!) I am too far south to see them, but maybe someday....

  • You bet I would. Your weekendSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 8:34pm
    sounds great!! Oh yes, that would have been me if I could yet walk. Not far from here is a wonderful, open and expansive and natural park. We use to go quite often. In the Fall they had gatherings... more
    • That depends.... — SD&B, Thu Sep 14 10:26pm
      • A wanderer. I was once. Perhaps stillSoogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 10:46pm
        if I can get out. I love nature, the rocks, the birds, the water, and, oh yes, the trees. I love trees. I have favorites all around town and then some. I always look for them. I admit, I have hugged... more
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