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Soogee and Doc
A wanderer. I was once. Perhaps still
Thu Sep 14, 2017 10:46pm

if I can get out. I love nature, the rocks, the birds, the water, and, oh yes, the trees. I love trees. I have favorites all around town and then some. I always look for them. I admit, I have hugged a tree.....and liked it. At the Medicine Wheel I picked up some small rocks, and have them still. They spoke to me, called my name. I am a nature girl, always have been. When I was young I use to try to get people to see things through my eyes. Far too often I found their mind closed. Such a shame when God and his glory have so much to show you. I am most happy and peaceful out in nature. OK, that's

  • That depends....SD&B, Thu Sep 14 10:26pm
    Are you a wanderer, unconcerned with the miles? Concerned with the little things and big things that you can see and observe? An expansive view, a bug, a rock, a bird, a whatever? can stop you in... more
    • A wanderer. I was once. Perhaps still — Soogee and Doc, Thu Sep 14 10:46pm
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