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oppps in conclusion....
Fri Sep 15, 2017 8:23am

I also miss the people. I felt I actually knew them. I'm afraid to ask about them by name because I don't know what happened here. Did people get mad for some reason. I wish someone would send me a private email and let me know. Someone mentioned something about Facebook but I couldn't find anything.

  • Re: Ode to the ZooEve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:07am
    ... I lost sammy in july also and we still can't speak of him too long. It's just too hard. Sammy would have been 13 july 7th the same age as Spencer. I understand your pain and so happy you have 2... more
    • No, Eve, There should never be anySoogee and Doc, Fri Sep 15 9:09pm
      guilt on posting of the loss of your dog. I know many people choose not to get another dog once their dog passes. I have heard this from a number of people we know. The choice is theirs, of cause.... more
    • oppps in conclusion.... — Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:23am
      • What Shelley said....SD&B, Fri Sep 15 5:59pm
        There were no major incidents or upsets on the Zoo. People have just moved on. Many to facebook, which is a time suck in itself. I miss the activity of the old Zoo too. I still prefer the Zoo to... more
        • Ditto. I too, prefer The Zoo toSoogee and Doc, Sat Sep 16 9:14pm
          Facebook. even though some friends use FB almost all of the time. I am forced onto FB if I want to catch a friend there. Facebook still confuses this grandma. I am from the time of the huge wooden... more
      • Facebook and other sitesShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Sep 15 9:56am
        It's nothing anyone here said or did, it's just the natural course of technology. Facebook and other doodle websites have become popular. It's just the "circle of life." I still come here all the... more
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