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Soogee and Doc
No, Eve, There should never be any
Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:09pm

guilt on posting of the loss of your dog. I know many people choose
not to get another dog once their dog passes. I have heard this from a number of people we know. The choice is theirs, of cause. They no longer want to be tied down to yet another dog that will most likely pass away too early and leave yet another hole in their heart and claim another ache in their soul. I find that the missing link in my life is that dog that gives abundant love and affection. We lost Doc over three years ago and lost Nutmeg last October. It feels empty in the house without them. I can't understand people who would choose to be lonely over the thought of having unconditional love. Yes,there is a bit of extra planning to do whether you take the dog everywhere you go or make plans to leave the dog home or in a kennel. To me, the pay back one receives far outweighs the planning I would have to do.

You do not stand alone, by any means.. I would guess that, depending on your age group there are far more people that would apt out for another dog. If your choice is based almost completely on not wanting to have the pain of loosing a pet it almost seems to me, any way, that it's almost self-denial. When we lost our yellow lab, Bosley, Mort did not want another dog. "No more", he said. I talked him into another dog. Along came Doc after our DIL showed me the Labradoodle. I was hooked again. Much later came Nutmeg after our other son offered us their dog when they realized they could not give her the time she required. There before us stood Doc and Nutmeg. By Mort's own admission, they were the only 2 dogs we owned that he kissed. And kept on kissing. I don't fault you on your choice, only your guilt feelings in posting that loss. You can not feel guilty for human feelings on the loss of a good friend. The decending of the number of posts to you after your loss had nothing to do with your post. So many others had lost their own dog and since their doodle was not around any longer, they decided to leave The Zoo, feeling that there was nothing they could offer anyone any longer. Nothing was your fault.

  • Re: Ode to the ZooEve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:07am
    ... I lost sammy in july also and we still can't speak of him too long. It's just too hard. Sammy would have been 13 july 7th the same age as Spencer. I understand your pain and so happy you have 2... more
    • No, Eve, There should never be any — Soogee and Doc, Fri Sep 15 9:09pm
    • oppps in conclusion....Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:23am
      I also miss the people. I felt I actually knew them. I'm afraid to ask about them by name because I don't know what happened here. Did people get mad for some reason. I wish someone would send me a... more
      • What Shelley said....SD&B, Fri Sep 15 5:59pm
        There were no major incidents or upsets on the Zoo. People have just moved on. Many to facebook, which is a time suck in itself. I miss the activity of the old Zoo too. I still prefer the Zoo to... more
        • Ditto. I too, prefer The Zoo toSoogee and Doc, Sat Sep 16 9:14pm
          Facebook. even though some friends use FB almost all of the time. I am forced onto FB if I want to catch a friend there. Facebook still confuses this grandma. I am from the time of the huge wooden... more
      • Facebook and other sitesShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Sep 15 9:56am
        It's nothing anyone here said or did, it's just the natural course of technology. Facebook and other doodle websites have become popular. It's just the "circle of life." I still come here all the... more
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