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Melissa, Roo, and Ellie
I had completely forgotten Monday themes
Sat Sep 16, 2017 1:42am

We have all been so close for so long that maybe we want to ramp it up and start being more communicative again. We have made many good friends here and even though we all grieve the loss of our aging doodles, there will be a few new doodles. After Chance died I distinctly told the Zoo and anyone who would listen that I would never have another dog and EVEN WORSE said I didn't even want Roo because all he did was look for Chance and cry. Within a year my mind had changed and I let baby Ellie into my heart. Even that was hard because after Chance died we did get a little girl, from Roo's breeder and love her so much. She died after the 4 weeks we had her, no known injury or illness, but she bled out after hepastat, plasma, and two blood transfusing. I though AGAIN this is a sign. No more puppies for me UNTIL I was offered a doodle baby of my choice by an amazing breeder on the Zoo. Now I have my sweet, silly, mischievous, ditsy, blond sidekick Ellie. I would love for us to all be more active again.

We will always have doodles and doodle stories to share. Like Peggy, I'm thinking of a FB vacation. I find thee too much drama on there and I spend too much time on it. If we come back to the Zoo we might not miss much of what goes on on FB because we will have each other. Just my thoughts,

  • Ode to the ZooFranny (Spencer & Lacey RIP), Thu Sep 14 10:42am
    I haven't not wanted to post about losing my big doodle boy, Spencer in July. Especially with all the losses us old timers have experienced. Spencer's loss was hard, even harder than Lacey's. He was... more
    • I am so sorry to hear about Spencermarcia, kiley & cody (rip), Tue Sep 26 6:28pm
      So sorry, Franny, to hear about Spencer. It was so kindhearted of you to write an Ode to the Zoo while your loss is so new.
    • So sorry to hear about SpencerMaya, Wy, Woo, Wei and Wyn, Wed Sep 20 10:00am
      What a thoughtful post regarding the Zoo. That was well done and very kind especially at a time of loss. I am very sorry to hear about Spencer passing on and now with Lacey gone too it's even more... more
    • I had completely forgotten Monday themes — Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Sat Sep 16 1:42am
      • I meant to tell you how sorry I am about Spencer. I just Melissa, Roo, and Ellie, Mon Sep 18 3:02pm
        read my post and realized it was rambling and disorganized and I forgot to mention your dear Spencer when that was the whole purpose to begin the post. It must have been late and I was getting tired. ... more
    • Original Zoodler here!LucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Fri Sep 15 10:32pm
      I remember when Zoo was first "founded." Loved it then, love it now. Many changes over the years, but the friends remain the same-old and new both! Ozzie, along with the Zoo, were life-changing... more
    • Beautiful memoriesShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Sep 15 9:54am
      So sorry you lost Spencer. I lost my Traveller about a year ago. Still miss the fur face but only have funny memories of my "Dennis the Menace." Your memories of the Zoo are great. So many people... more
    • Re: Ode to the ZooEve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:07am
      ... I lost sammy in july also and we still can't speak of him too long. It's just too hard. Sammy would have been 13 july 7th the same age as Spencer. I understand your pain and so happy you have 2... more
      • No, Eve, There should never be anySoogee and Doc, Fri Sep 15 9:09pm
        guilt on posting of the loss of your dog. I know many people choose not to get another dog once their dog passes. I have heard this from a number of people we know. The choice is theirs, of cause.... more
      • oppps in conclusion....Eve/Sampson RIP, Fri Sep 15 8:23am
        I also miss the people. I felt I actually knew them. I'm afraid to ask about them by name because I don't know what happened here. Did people get mad for some reason. I wish someone would send me a... more
        • What Shelley said....SD&B, Fri Sep 15 5:59pm
          There were no major incidents or upsets on the Zoo. People have just moved on. Many to facebook, which is a time suck in itself. I miss the activity of the old Zoo too. I still prefer the Zoo to... more
          • Ditto. I too, prefer The Zoo toSoogee and Doc, Sat Sep 16 9:14pm
            Facebook. even though some friends use FB almost all of the time. I am forced onto FB if I want to catch a friend there. Facebook still confuses this grandma. I am from the time of the huge wooden... more
        • Facebook and other sitesShelley,Liberty&Gracie:Traveller, Fri Sep 15 9:56am
          It's nothing anyone here said or did, it's just the natural course of technology. Facebook and other doodle websites have become popular. It's just the "circle of life." I still come here all the... more
    • Sadness reigns that you kept your mostSoogee and Doc, Fri Sep 15 12:15am
      difficult loss to yourself for so long. It matters not how long you have been away from posting onThe Zoo, you are and always will be a member here. You don't loose your membership when you loose... more
    • SpencerMadonna and Euro, Thu Sep 14 9:05pm
      So sorry to hear about Spencer. I loved reading your post - brought up memories of the good old days when this place was so active every single day! I feel so lucky to still have Euro - - he will be... more
    • I'm sorry to hear about Spencer.SD&B, Thu Sep 14 6:04pm
      These doodles worm their way into our hearts and are so special in so many ways. And the doodle community is special too. Maybe you'll get another doodle? Not to replace the special Lacey and... more
    • Franny, so sorry to hear your lost your Spencer.Linda P and Bear (RIP) and Max in OH, Thu Sep 14 5:02pm
      Our dogs are so precious to us. And honoring the zoo is very thoughtful of you. I think most who visit here feel the same way, but you said it so well. Do you think you will be able to get a new dog... more
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