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Soogee and Doc
Ditto. I too, prefer The Zoo to
Sat Sep 16, 2017 9:14pm

Facebook. even though some friends use FB almost all of the time. I am forced onto FB if I want to catch a friend there. Facebook still confuses this grandma. I am from the time of the huge wooden boxes and small screen TVs that had only black and white programs and all of 7 channels. Facebook to me is an alien from another planet.

  • What Shelley said....SD&B, Fri Sep 15 5:59pm
    There were no major incidents or upsets on the Zoo. People have just moved on. Many to facebook, which is a time suck in itself. I miss the activity of the old Zoo too. I still prefer the Zoo to... more
    • Ditto. I too, prefer The Zoo to — Soogee and Doc, Sat Sep 16 9:14pm
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