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Soogee and Doc
My Dear Cindy, you do not cry alone.
Tue Sep 19, 2017 1:09am

I logged on to The Zoo tonight after listening to the one song that always makes me cry. Each time I hear it, it brings me back to the night we had to put our yellow lab, Bosley down. That was 14 years ago. And I am still crying. But when I logged on and saw your post about Raider I lost it. I have said my goodbyes to so many of these dogs right here. Their life is so short, so precious. So precious that one can not waste a single minute in anger with them. How can even a single second be lost in feelings that are less meaningful? Are we faultless? Our dogs have nothing but love for us. How can we offer anything less than they? It is such a sadness that a hollow feeling is looking around for it's lost dog that filled that space. It screams out for the one that is now lost, to come back. Come back home to me. Bring back your warmth that comforted me. How can we go on without the light that shined so brightly? This one wonderful life has been taken...taken Home and away from our sight. I still talk to all my dogs. Somehow I always feel that they can hear me. Silly? Perhaps, but I find it comforting to think that they just might come visiting and I simply must have something worth while to say to them. The pain hurts less when I think that my dogs, all of them, perhaps take turns visiting.
I am so deeply sorry for your loss of Raider. By your own words he loved every day of his life. There is nothing more an owner can wish for than their dog being so happy in the life it was given. He was happy because of you, Cindy. You were the person that led his way in the darkness in to a life that was filled with light and love. I bet if you spoke his name quietly and softly when you are alone in the night that you just might hear him answer if you listened hard enough. Please know that I cry along with you on your loss. I am truly, truly sorry for your loss.

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