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Oh Soogee you are so sweet.
Tue Sep 19, 2017 9:16pm

I'm so sad. Raider left this world his own free spirit never knowing the sadness we feel. We lost our Autumn a little over 1 year ago. I still cry for her and now him. Ughh I feel awful.

  • My Dear Cindy, you do not cry alone.Soogee and Doc, Tue Sep 19 1:09am
    I logged on to The Zoo tonight after listening to the one song that always makes me cry. Each time I hear it, it brings me back to the night we had to put our yellow lab, Bosley down. That was 14... more
    • Oh Soogee you are so sweet. — Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Tue Sep 19 9:16pm
      • Cindy, You need a hug, a real big hug.Soogee and Doc, Tue Sep 19 10:23pm
        I found loosing our dogs ripped me and my emotions apart. Those feelings did pass over time, but not with the two we recently lost, Doc and Nutmeg. These 2 dogs were by my side through all my... more
    • Soogee. Your words are beautiful.jackie&duke&delilah, Tue Sep 19 12:36pm
      I miss Delilah everyday, and say the same things Cindy is saying to herself. Delilah loved life like no other. Like Raider she had her distinct likes and dislikes. Goodbye Raider. Know that you are... more
      • Awwe Jackie Thank you.Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Tue Sep 19 9:17pm
        All doods are so special. Raider was one of the1st on doodlezoo. I feel like its been a lifetime.
      • Thank you, Jackie. I know there areSoogee and Doc, Tue Sep 19 8:50pm
        many people out there that feel embarrassed to admit out loud that they still mourn their dog. Or worse yet, talk to their dog that has passed over. It's worse in men but I am delighted to see that... more
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