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Soogee and Doc
Cindy, You need a hug, a real big hug.
Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:23pm

I found loosing our dogs ripped me and my emotions apart. Those feelings did pass over time, but not with the two we recently lost, Doc and Nutmeg. These 2 dogs were by my side through all my physical problems, my 2 surgeries, my 12 steroid eqidurals. Doc loved hugs so much there were times he would not leave me alone. Nutmeg was not a cuddle dog but showed her closeness in actions. Just days before she left us I was having a restless leg attack. It would not stop. I was sitting on the front of my recliner rocking back and forth and crying. I suddenly jumped when a cold, wet object pressed against my hand. I stopped rocking and opened my eyes to find Nutmeg sitting between my feet and looking up into my face. I softened. I reached down to caress her face and spoke softly to her. She sat there like that for many minutes. When she felt I had calmed down and stopped crying, she turned and jumped back up on the sofa. This was a time when that took great effort for her as she was dying. It was moments I will never forget.

I know the kind of love you speak of for your dogs. The feeling is so pure and void of expectation. It almost comes close to the feeling a new mother has for her new born. It is almost impossible to explain to another person. It just is. The love we have for a dog that loves us will take on a feeling all it's own. It's fine, Cindy for, my Dear, you have known love.

  • Oh Soogee you are so sweet.Cindy Raider & Oakleys Autumn, Tue Sep 19 9:16pm
    I'm so sad. Raider left this world his own free spirit never knowing the sadness we feel. We lost our Autumn a little over 1 year ago. I still cry for her and now him. Ughh I feel awful.
    • Cindy, You need a hug, a real big hug. — Soogee and Doc, Tue Sep 19 10:23pm
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