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Yes, that's true.
Sat Sep 30, 2017 10:42pm

Your understanding is correct. That is considered one incident, which may require multiple treatments. The multiple treatments for the same incident are covered by one deductible. We've dealt with this for both Sundog and Barney and Petplan has been great in the past covering more than one treatment for the same incident.

However, if he has a different issue, then the deductible starts over. If Ozzie has a new problem with his knee unrelated to his back, for example, then the deductible would start over. It's something to consider in that you can pay that deductible multiple times in one year if your dog has multiple problems. (Barney getting kicked by a horse? Deductible. Barney's heart murmur? Another deductible. Etc....) And if Linda chooses the $2500 deductible with 30% copay, that will apply for every different incident, and that could add up pdq. Just another consideration. I wanted to make sure she was informed.

  • If the next claim if for the continuationLucyR(Ozzie's Mom), Sat Sep 30 10:04pm
    of a previous claim; e.g., more care for the same problem, then the deductible does not apply. At least, that is my understanding. Our experience has been with Ozzie's back issues, which are... more
    • Yes, that's true. — SD&B, Sat Sep 30 10:42pm
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