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Soogee and Doc
La, La..I have a secret (I think) I have
Sun Oct 1, 2017 9:48pm

a secret. It's been so quiet on The Zoo lately. Pretty soon I am going to have to shake things up around here. We need to get out and get all those doodle owners to come on board. I remember The Traveling Pigs. My own piggies met Doc, went to town to share a cup of coffee and conversation at the local diner. They played in the child's play area beside Sparkle Lake. They went on swings and hid inside the Jungle Gym. So many of you took them all over where ever you went. They traveled everywhere you did and saw many things. We all watched your fur babies grow up together. We laughed. We cried when so many had to say goodbye to their furry ones. We held hands through some bad days. We hugged when life took on hard times and hugged even more when things went right.

It's too quiet on The Zoo. We need to get things shaking again. Come on everyone...where are the summer vacation photos that use to be posted? What happened to all the joking around? Where are the baby pictures? The family pictures? The pet pictures? Oh dear, where did everyone go? 'Nuf ofthis...

I have a secret.

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