Bev, Holly, Callie
Rags Passed
Mon Oct 2, 2017 3:46pm

My first labradoodle Rags passed on Friday. I heard the information via email today from my former neighbor. Satan got Rags due to the divorce. I knew Satan wouldn't take care of Rags and 2 months ago my former sister-in-law called to say she was grooming Rags (first time). Satan used Pet Supplies Plus but had an issue being groomed. I learned she couldn't trim around Rags' mouth so she looked and saw infected teeth. She told Satan she would kick his ass if he didn't take her to the vet. My former neighbor's email contends Satan took Rags to the vet several times over the last few months (ALL LIES). My former neighbor said it was natural causes. I say is was dental infection that traveled throughout her body and shut down her heart and organs. Satan was "crying" when he told this neighbor. It breaks my heart the Court let the SOB have Rags! For those who don't remember Satan told me it only takes one bullet to kill me, he said he would burn down the house so I could lay in the ground next to my mother. I got out of the house 2/2015 and the divorce was final 1/2016. Satan told me he would shoot me if I took Rags. I want to tell my former neighbor the facts but I can't. My former sister-in-law doesn't call me but she wanted me to know about Rags. She knew I loved Rags very much. Rags was age 13 and is now over the Rainbow Bridge. I wish I could tell my former neighbor the facts. My heart is so broken as I couldn't keep my dear Rags who loved her Mom.

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