Soogee and Doc
Oh Bev, I am so terribly sorry for
Mon Oct 2, 2017 9:11pm

your loss. It's as if you lost Rags twice. Like a bad dream you can't turn off. I can't imagine the pain Rags must have had from her mouth. Seems there was a good reason no one could get near her mouth. Loosing a beloved pet is within itself a terrible loss but to loose that pet due to refusal to get it to a vet that might be able to help seems unforgivable. You can still let your former neighbor know what you want her to know by just writing to her. I am grateful that Rags lived to see her 13th birthday but no age is alright to pass on for a stoppable reason. This is such sad news and it lays heavy in your heart. Please know that we understand and mourn your loss right along with you. My heartfelt sympathy to you at this sad time.

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