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Soogee and Doc
You are correct. I do believe that
Sat Oct 7, 2017 9:42pm

you are referring to Doro. She was good friends with Carol. And she did have 2 sons who now are big sons. The Traveling Pigs was a lot of fun. They traveled all over and led a great life. I miss all that stuff we did on the old Zoo. We did have some good fun.

  • Traveling pigsKelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Oct 7 5:40am
    I remember them well. I cannot think of the zoo members name. Was it Doro? It was a little unusual. She was married with two sons and they lived out east. She seemed to be good friends with Carol... more
    • You are correct. I do believe that — Soogee and Doc, Sat Oct 7 9:42pm
    • SecretKelly, Mac and Roni, Sat Oct 7 5:42am
      I am looking forward to the reveal of your secret! :)
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