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Soogee and Doc
There is no reason to apologize for a
Wed Oct 11, 2017 7:08pm

thank you that really isn't at all late. With your husband in the hospital I completely understand the delay. This is not a problem I do hope your husband is doing better. Please send him my good wishes.

Hope you like your birthday gift. Use it well. I am happy if your day was brightened even a little bit. A very Happy Birthday to you and may your new birthday year be bright and full of happiness.

  • Thank you Soogee! 💕Marcelle, Luigi(rip), Rocco & Dino, Wed Oct 11 9:14am
    Thank you for the wonderful birthday gift! Iíve been using it since it arrived. It came the day before my birthday- but, I had my husband in the hospital a few days, so things were a little crazy... more
    • There is no reason to apologize for a — Soogee and Doc, Wed Oct 11 7:08pm
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